KREATIVE KORNA: Ministers to the Toothless (Taban Loliong)


p>When I am old my teeth are gone or rotted
Let me age away near KFC or McDonald’s hot potatoes have no fibres and just disintegrate in the mouth;
When they are squared and fired hot you do not need teeth;
Finger-licking good chicken eaten hot is swallowed whole;
The coleslaw in hamburgers is for additional salivation.
It softens the bread and your Gundam pound the meat
And you turn everything over in your mouth and swallow
Nobody knows if chewed it or washed it down:
Especially as the salt on the potatoes,  and the drugs in the Coke
Contribute a lot to the salivation and gunning down.
The workers of the East with their poor dental care
Thevpoor of the world who buy silence with sweets and ice-cream
Will keep McDonalds and the General in business
Regardless of ideology, change in regime, whims if the boss:
When I have been no teeth,  apples are out,  as are steaks and ribs.
Fried chicken eggs, minced meat,  coleslaw and bread
These I can eat with my gums, with my baby.

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