THE CURIOUS MIND: Adam, God’s Perfect Creation.

Adam, indeed is the most amazing creation by God. He looked at his own image and likeness, and marvelled, saying ‘This is very good.’ Adam was unlike any other creation, a beauty to behold that even angels in heaven stood in awe, falling short of his majesty and grace bestowed unto him by the Almighty. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all point out to the fact that Adam was the first man created by God and placed in the Garden of Eden. He was so full of God’s glory through his frequent encounters and walks with Him that his countenance and skin and body glowed with grace like an angel. Indeed, it could be conclusively stated that Adam was the most complete being ever to walk the earth.


In those early ancient days, when creation was its beginning and perfection was the norm with every creature, living and non-living thing fitting in place, life was beautiful. Everything existed in harmony, something we can only dream about and imagine in the present technology era. Adam, according to the Jewish calendar was created by God in Garden of Eden in 3760 BCE. He was at the centre of everything, God’s favourite creation. Indeed, like God, he oozed such wisdom, knowledge that his presence visibly impacted on the creations around him, given his dominion and responsibility to watch over Eden. He walked with majesty, confidence and authority and epitomized God’s love for his creation as he stroked the manes of lions, played with cubs of tigers, acknowledged the mighty eagles as they soared the skies, caressed the trunks of elephants as they passed and slept in peace in the awesome coils of anacondas and pythons as they bathed in the sweet rays of the sun. God’s spirit was fully upon him, in him and about him, making his an attraction and sight to behold.

Fresh, unpolluted air, fresh water in the lakes and mighty waters in the oceans, abundant food for every living creature and harmony in existence was the order of the day. Dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, bisons, sabers, Sarcosuchus and ancient prehistoric monsters ruled the mighty oceans. Adam must have marveled at God for such a vast variety, complexity and uniqueness of beings, all of which he named and remembered, as required by God. He was able to communicate to all of them, mastered their complex languages and being their custodian. Adam saw God’s spirit and mastermind in all of them, and was humbled by his divine duty, as he ruled over them. Sabers submitted to his presence, and King Cobras inquired from him. Adam indeed was a genius of a man, so full of wisdom and intelligence, the perfect creation ever in God’s eyes.


He lived a full and eventful 930 years on earth, in and out of Eden. Upon his death in 2830 BCE, he had begotten Abel, Cain and Seth, and 56 other children. Amongst his children, the book of Jubilees mentions that Adam had two daughters, Azura and Awan who married Seth and Cain to ensure continuity to his lineage, after Abel was murderd by his brother, Cain. Having lived so long, Adam must have seen a lot in those early days of man, and even talked with Noah’s father, Lamech. Lamech was 56 years old when Adam died, and they must have talked a lot between themselves. Adam was a marvel to look at, black hair, brown skin complexion, brown eyes, and full of life. Every of his part was a perfection, no disease, no tattoos and bodily injuries.

He was a tall man (over 6 foot) with a sound mind, photographic memory, and untainted love, full of a Godly spirit. He also must have had such deep knowledge on matters concerning nature and God, having being part of the original plan of God, and having interacted with every living creature on earth, the angels and God Himself, with whom he walked with in the lush Gardens of Eden. So sad, we all but imagine how life was then,  and it could have been, if the first sin and consequently death entered earth. We could still be walking around naked,  joking with angels and being wary of the giant race (Nephilim).


But as it is,  just as Adam,  we came from dust,  and to dust we return.

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