Welcome to Caveman+ Media Official. My name is Lewis Wafula, founder, developer and manager of this awesome site. I own Caveman+ Media, and this is the official blog for the digital media agency. I am creative individual, with a passion for brand and a curious mind to find out more about things and sharing information. In collaboration with other like minded individuals in the agency, we are in the creative business of content development and information sharing. Information is power and it amazes us every time readers comment positively on our page regarding our posts and encourage us on. Together with my team, we look to keep you inspired, entertained, informed and on the edge of how much power you can have at your finger tips.

We believe in New Possibilities, Everyday! There is so much to share, so much value to create and so many people to reach out. We believe in our journey, and seeing new people liking our posts, making recommendations, sharing our stories and encouraging us make us look forward to the next big thing. Walk in us, let us explore the world together

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

A winning effort starts with preparation.

Joe Gibbs

Future is about creating value. If we have tools to empower each other, more possibility is reality.

Jessica Jackly

Let’s build something together. Get out of the Cave!