PERSON OF INTEREST: Dr Myles Egbert Munroe.

His sermons, speeches, teachings, writings in books, articles and contributions to humanity make the late Dr.Myles Egbert Munroe stand out as among the few individuals on earth who fulfilled his purpose. Born in 1954 in Nassau, the Bahamas in an impoverished family of 11, his rise from rags to riches is a good example of mankind’s indomitable spirit when put to purpose.

The late Dr Myles Munroe, a televangelist and motivation speaker who passed on in November 6th, 2014

Early Life

Born in a time when racism was such as strong vice in the society, he had a full dose of the same when back in school he was racially abused by his teacher at a tender age then. His mother who noticed how upset after the incident introduced him to the bible, particularly to Ephesian 3:20. His life convictions and work of the Kingdom for a fresh lease of life and he never looked back ever since.


He attended Oral Roberts University (ORU) acquired his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Education and Theology in 1978 at the age of 24 years. In 1980, aged 26 years, he received his Master’s degree in Administration from the University of Tulsa. His works and contributions enabled him to receive honorary degrees from various educational institutions. He was an adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Theology in ORU.


Dr Myles Munroe married Ruth Ann Munroe in 1978. They were blessed with two children: Chairo Myles Jr. (son) and Charisa (daughter). 

A family photo with his wife Ruth Ann, son Chiaro and daughter Charisa


He founded Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) in the early 1980s where he ministered alongside his wife, Ruth Munroe. He also founded Myles Munroe International (MMI), an outreach centre which focused on leadership training, missions, publishing, and communication through various mass media platforms. Dr Munroe was the CEO of the International Third World Leaders Association and President of the International Training Institute.

As an accomplished author, he had written and published several books that touched on various issues of life. His over 38 books included 16 bestsellers, which were translated into English, Espanola, and Portuguese languages. Founded on strong biblical foundation and life principles, his authored books include:

  • God’s Big Idea
  • Understanding Your Potential
  •  The Spirit of Leadership
  • Rediscovering Your Kingdom
  • Dating and Dating.
  •  The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage.
  • The Pursuit of Purpose
  • Maximilian Your Potential
  • Understanding Purpose and Power of Men


His devotion, positive contribution to humanity and life works did not go unnoticed, as the government of Bahamas, institutions, leaders, businessmen and communities globally gave him credit. Among his most outstanding honours include:

  • 998: Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England for his spiritual land social contribution to the national development of the people of Bahamas
  • 998: he was given the Bahamian Silver Jubilee Award for 25 years of service in the area of Faith to the Bahamas his service in the areas of spiritual, social and religious development to the people of Bahamas.
  • 004: Oral Roberts University awarded him with the Alumnus of the Year and an honorary doctorate.


In 9th November 2014, Dr Myles Munroe alongside his wife and staff of his BFMI died when their private chartered jet crashed as it approached the Grand Bahama International Airport. They were en-route to Freeport, Grand Bahama for a Global Leaders Conference. The re-known preacher, teacher, author and mentor died empty at the age of 60years.

6 years later

Although he passed on now about 6 years ago, his work still lives with us. He was a man of impact and fulfilled his purpose on earth. His true leadership is evident by the many people he mentored, the millions he influenced through his speeches, articles, books and teachings. His books stir deep thought in any person who reads them, and his biblical principles make his teaching relevant now and for many years to come. Although he died, his spirit still lives among us in his works and influences. Not only was he a spiritual leader, but a successful businessman whose wealth creation abilities and worth reveal a man who walked what he preached. His conviction on God’s Kingdom had deep truths around them, both in spiritual terms and practical living. That is why we keep on celebrating him.

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