PERSON OF INTEREST: The Enigma Prof. PLO Lumumba.

The eloquent and articulate lawyer stands tall in the history of Kenya, a prominent figure in the corridors of power and justice, and a global speaker whose reputation precedes him. Almost every literate Kenyan knows the man whose words are heavy with exotic vocabulary as is his wisdom and wit around issues that affect humanity. He frequently quotes and speaks fondly of Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara; clear evidence he is greatly influenced by deceased African leaders who were assassinated because of their revolutionary leadership. If I have a court case, I would hire him (if I can afford his fees) to represent as me so that I can be mentioned among his many ‘big English words’ as he throws dust and aspersions in the eyes and hearts in the awed hearts of the judge and plaintiff, and plugs holes in the case…He never disappoints.

Inset: Prof. PLO Lumumba donning on of his famous My Mao suits . (Photo: Courtesy)

His full name is Prof. Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba. He is now a 57 year old Kenyan, having been born in 1962, July. He is a full professor and thus deserves the respect due to the title. Age seems to be just a number for the learned friend, whose list of achievements grows and his years advance. In his illustrious carrier, he served as the Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in 2010-2011. He serves as the Director of Kenya School of Law, a position he has held since 2014. He is an advocate in the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania. He is a senior lecturer in the University of Nairobi where he teaches law at the Faculty of Law.

He schooled in Usenge Primary School for his elementary studies. He finished his primary school studies in St. Patricks Primary School and received his CPE certificate back in 1973. He joined Pumwani Secondary School for his ‘O’ levels in 1975, and later Ambira High School for his ‘A’ levels in 1979. In 1985, he received his Post-graduate Diploma Certificate from the Kenya School of Law. He graduated from the University of Nairobi the same year with honors in Bachelor of Laws. He went ahead to pursue his Masters in Law in UON and graduated in 1989. He pursued a Doctorate in Belgium’s University of Ghent and attained a Doctor in Philosophy of Law in 2004.

As a practicing lawyer, Prof. PLO Lumumba worked in Waruhiu & Muite Advocates between 1986-1988 as a Legal Assistant. Between 1987-1988, he practised law at the M/S Otieno Lumumba & Co. Advocates. At this time, he served as a part-time lecturer in the College of Accountancy in Nairobi. An accomplished lawyer and globally recognised practitioner, his works as a leading litigator in Constitutional Law and Judicial Review Cases have earned him much respect and accolades. His early works as a student leader gave him good standing in the law societies, and his continued activism in matters of law gave him recognition by Kenya-USA as a Leader in the mould of the legendary Dr Martin Luther King.

Not only is Prof. PLO Lumumba a dinosaur in the corridors of law and practice, but an enigma in writing and public speaking. Some of his best articles include 45 things Girls want but Won’t ask for, 7 Facts Fathers Never Tell Sons about Women, Memorable Speech by Idi Amin, 25 Sexual Questions to ask a Girl, and Application Form to Marry my Daughter. Some of his books include Stolen Moments, Call for Political Hygiene in Kenya, Mhhh Africa!, and the Quotable PLO Lumumba, and Outline on Judicial Review in Kenya.

His most revered speeches were in the PAVA Forum in 2015 where he was invited to speak on good governance. His speech touched many sensitive issues, including the youth fleeing the continent, and the energy crisis that is crippling the continent because of poor leadership and governance. During the Fearless Summit in 2017, he ignited the youth to take charge and make bold choices regarding their destinies. He has equally made moving speeches in Nigeria (Face of Okija), South Africa and other places on the globe.

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