POSITIVE VYBES: Facing your Giants

You got to face and slay your Goliath. Your life depends on this one fight. A win means no more ridicule and shame to your entire generation. This then requires unusual boldness, courage and determination. It is an extreme test of how much you can endure, to your very stretched limits.
What is it you have in your hands?
How good are you with what you have mastered?
What prayer will you pray?

It takes unusual boldness to beat your adversity to pulp.

In the face of adversity, you need to have the courage to take steps that will help you develop a better future. You need to be steadfast and committed to these steps. Unless you take the initiative and be steadfast on the way forward, your self-confidence and progress will be dampened and dumped. The good thing with life is that there are always ways you can develop to be a better version of you. Brevity and courage can be cultivated with ourselves, and consistently expressed outwardly.

So, what are some of these life skill sets that you need when faced with adversity and you Goliath is goading you right through your eyeballs? Accept your situation and develop goals that will assist in getting you out of your present predicament. Rather than being hasty and rash, take courageous steps towards a better future. This requires unmatched commitment by you. Develop and maintain a positive attitude through the chaos and present pressures. Think highly of yourself always as you develop a progressive routine and healthy habits help develop your character and tenacity.

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