POSITIVE VYBES: Life and suiting up for Leadership.

Life is beautiful, as it is challenging. It will test your faith, belief in self and your convictions. We all admire men and women who stand tall and part, people who have conquered their fears and stood up for something. We are expected to take the initiative and lead in some point of life. We have families, businesses, groups and personal interests which we all need to take charge and provide leadership and solutions. To lead, others must follow you.

Wake up, wash your face and suit up.

Wake up, wash your face, suit up and face your day. The world needs answers. People want leadership. Be an example for others to follow. Despite the issues, you are going through, being able to put on a brave face, remain calm, composed and full and confidence will go a long way in making a way for you. When you meet other like-minded people who are positive, focused and determined to make a difference in their lives, something amazing happens. When people sense and feel you are solution-oriented and have something to offer, they will make way for you, as they follow your lead.

There is much we can borrow from the best leaders we have today. President Obama was both an orator and great leader at a time of multiple crises, Winston Churchill a war legend and Abraham Lincoln forever etched in the history of mankind and the US annals, for abolishing slavery and modernizing its economy. Moses in the bible and King David were great leaders of their time, and their names and great acts still remembered to date.

How can you lead by example today?

First, your attitude matters a great deal. Knowing that people are always looking up to you, you need to model your attitude to inject positivity, and always be proactive to solve problems.

Secondly, you need to keep on learning, developing and growing. You need to be better at what you do. Having knowledge, wisdom and understanding of issues will give you a head start to issues, and enable you to help others easily.

Thirdly, manage expectations. In everything, results from effort matters. Every work and task comes with expectations. You can impact people’s performance both positively or negatively, based on how you handle expectations. Believe in yourself and your beliefs first, and then build confidence, urgency and discipline in others. This will enable you to reach goals more easily.

Fourthly, be a champion of change. Lead other people towards change, by trying new ideas, being flexible in your approaches. Be ready to accommodate new things that make sense and contribute to the good of others and yourself too. Change is always good, and if embraced brings about good results in the end.

Fifthly, trust is an important virtue. Developing to be a trustworthy individual, and offering trust to others will enable you to build trust around you. When people trust in you, and you trust in yourself, believe in doing great things and handling other people’s resources comes easy. When you can also trust other people, working together to accomplish great things becomes possible.

You need to be able to ask the right questions to life and people to get the right answers. Ask questions often. Well-developed questions promote learning, information clarity, exchange and engagement. Equally, develop the skill of listening to responses. As a virtuous behaviour, listening communicates to others that you care about their thoughts and contributions. As you talk, question and inquire, also listen and respond comprehensively to other people.

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  1. jbovnd says:

    I am in fact thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this impressive piece of writing at here.


    1. Lewis Wafula says:

      Thank you and welcome.


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