BOOTS, BALLS & GOALS: The Women’s World Cup.

Although the World Cup soccer for women is not given as much attention in terms of promotion and advertising as the men’s soccer version, it is equally as entertaining and significant. Held on the same years as the male counterpart’s version, but a few months later, it has continued to attract top talents and media attention. Considering the investment made in preparation of the tournament and quality in the display, it could be argued that FIFA has gone ahead to ensure the women are not left behind in the most popular sport in the world.

Last Edition Champions (2015), USA lifting the trophy in Canada.

After evolving and deliberation in planning and organizing the Women’s World Cup tournament since 1991, FIFA has successfully managed to incorporate all nations to compete and the best lift the elegant trophy. This year, 24 teams meet in France to battle for the prestigious trophy in the 2019 edition, hosted by France. The last edition was held in where the USA managed victorious having beaten Japan in the finals. Since the official launch of the women soccer tournament every 4 years, this how it has fared:
• 30th June 1991 in China: the US won Gold, beating Norway in the finals 2-1. Sweden took home Bronze.
• 1995: Norway beat Germany in the finals 2-0 to lift the trophy, as the US took the 3rd place.
• 1999 in the USA: the US beat China 5-4 on spot kicks to win the tournament. Brazil took home bronze.
• 2003 in the USA: the Swede team were beaten by Germany 2-1 to win Gold, as the US came in 3rd.
• 2007 in China: Germany emerged victorious in the finals, beating Brazil 2-0 and retained their title as champions. The US took home Bronze.
• 2011 in Germany: Japan beat the US to win the 2011 finals 3-1 on penalties, as Sweden came in 3rd.
• 2015 in Canada: United States got sweet revenge on Japan, beating them 5-2 to win the Women WC a record 3rd time, as England came in 3rd to win Bronze.
• 2019 in France: on-going…
Certainly, the US has been a consistent side in the WC and seems to a stronger Brazil version in the male counterpart side. Whereas Sweden, China, Germany, Brazil, England and Japan provide strong opposition and are likely to give a go for the trophy, the US team is the 2019’s Edition favorites.

The Trophy

The Women’s World Cup Trophy.

The trophy stands 47 cm, 19’ tall. It weighs about 4.6 kg. It is made up of sterling silver which is clad in 23 carats yellow and white gold. The older version of the trophy was thicker, shorter and weighed less, about 2 kg. Designed by William Sawaya in 1998 for the 1999 Women WC tournament in the US, the trophy takes a shapely form of a spiral band that epitomizes athleticism, elegance, dynamism that is synonymous with professional women football. The spiral band encloses a ball at the top. The base is made of the cup comprises of green Serpentine marble, with the rest of the cup from the spiral to the ball at the top are made of silver, covered with gold. Each winner takes home the trophy estimated at around Ksh. 3,045,000 to keep, while there is only one for men, who are forced to take home the replica.

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