MUSIC, LIFE AND PRECIOUS MOMENTS: Wanishangaza by Eunice Njeri

There are those moments in life when you seek an inner peace and a quiet moment with God. Issues rise around us that sometimes overwhelm even the strongest of men and spirits. In those quiet moments of personal worship, there are certain songs that connect you to God and bless your soul. Having a fellowship with God is once of the best, soul nourishing and most precious moments anyone can have. Caught up in one of those low moments, I sought out Eunice Njeri, a blessed woman of God and her anointed message blessed my soul. Among one of the most celebrated, gifted and anointed Kenyan artists, she certainly makes the cut. Singing along the beautiful song Wanishangaza will surely refresh you as you appreciate God’s grace, loving-kindness and amazing works of creation. It will make you value your life, and live fully every single day full of thanksgiving. Here are the precious lyrics you can make to be your own confession as you love God.

Inset: Kenyan Gospel Artist Eunice Njeri.

Every time I take a breath or see the sunshine
Streams flowing from up on the high mountains
Far to the vast sky I know you are a wonderful God
I think of the many many times I’ve seen your Powerful Hands
The miracles in my life, I couldn’t dare live without You…

Wanishangaza, wanishangaza (You amaze me) x2
Matendo yako makuu, wanishangaza (Your Great Works amaze me)
Miujiza yako Yesu, wanishangaza (Jesus, Your Miracles amaze me)

Take my heart, my faith, my trust
Nakupa moyo wangu, na imani, nakuamini (Same translation)
Baba nitaomba, nitaimba, nitakusifu (Father I will pray, I will sing, I will praise)
Milele nitaomba, nitaimba, nitakusifu (Forever I will pray, I will sing, I will praise)
Mungu wa mapendo, mwenye utukufu wote (God of Love, of all the Glory)

Repeat: Wanishangaza (You amaze me)
How you love me
God you’re mindful of me
Mimi mwanadamu tu (I am only a human)
Jinsi waniwazia mema(The way You think Good of me)
Na ukuu wako Yesu (And Your Greatness Jesus)
Bwana unavyotawala (Lord the way You reign)

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