MONDAY MOTIVATION: Men and Ascending Mountains…

Life is full of challenges, which makes it interesting. We were all born into hands of working men and women, as we pick up our package and work out on our respective destinies. Each of us has a responsibility to live a full fulfilled live. Then, this demands that we tie our shoe laces, tighten our belts and look up to surmount the challenges that lay ahead, and celebrate the joy of victories and triumphs. I liken the journey of life of man to climbing a mountain. Life is the most interesting journey in the universe. It is a breath-taking experience for each and every one of us. From being a dependent infant to growing to be a respected, dependable, reliable adult is indeed an epic journey full of unforgettable life experiences, relationships, memories and the of the shaping of human will and spirit.

The view from the top of the mountain beautiful, but it requires real dedication and perseverance to make your way up. As is mountain climbing, so is succeeding in life to reach the top ( Photo Courtesy).

Climbing a mountain in itself is an immensely physical, mental and emotional experience. Reaching the peak of Mt. Kenya or the rather more impressive Mt. Everest should blow anyone’s mind away, especially when you look down where you have come from. Looking up from down, it is always intimidating to see the high distant peak that seems too far away. The peak beckons at you through the clouds, and we all get hooked and intrigued like moths attracted to a source of light in a dark room. Seeing and wishing is one thing, and climbing up to reach up there is totally another.

Life certainly is one huge mountain. For you to see and experience the glorious nature of our lives, we must be willing to pay the ultimate price of climbing the hills. You cannot reach the top peak of mountains, without climbing through the hills around it, negotiating the valleys, rivers and cliffs that form the structure of the wonders of nature. The same principle applies to life. To get to the peak where there is success and accomplishment, one must climb through and over the hills of disappointment, discouragement, hardship, betrayal and rejection. On the way, as you negotiate these hills, your character and personality are shaped up as you learn important virtues of life:

  • Having the right focus on the ultimate goal
  • Facing our fears
  • Shedding off pride, arrogance and bad habits
  • Appreciating every life experience that makes us
  • Letting go things you cannot control and do not matter
  • Importance of being properly equipped with the right life tools and skills.

The process may be painful and stressful, but the ultimate prize and feat in accomplishment beats it all. R. Kelly, a celebrated RnB artist sang one of the most beautiful and inspirational master pieces in his song Storm is over. We need inspiration and hope in life, with all its twists, mystics, unpredictability and difficulties. In the typically philosophically inspired lyrics, R. Kelly sang:

‘Now in the midst of my battle, all hope is gone

Downtown in the rushed crowd and I felt all alone

Every now and then, I felt like I would lose my mind

I have been racing for years and still no fine line

But then I climbed the hills and saw the mountains

I hollered help ‘cause I was lost, then I felt the strong wing

Heard a small voice saying the storm is over

The storm is over now, and I can see the sunshine

Somewhere beyond the clouds

I can see the heavens over me

Come and set me free…’

This is the hope and inspiration we need deep within us all, as we journey through. In the struggles, dark moments and seemingly endless hopelessness, hold on. If life is a race, then ran it. Climb it, if it is a hill. If Life is a mountain, climb it. Never stop trying and hoping in all your life endevours.

You don’t climb mountains without a team. You don’t climb mountains without being fit. You don’t climb mountains without being prepared and you don’t climb mountains without balancing the risks and rewards. And you don’t climb a mountain on accident-it has to be intentional.

~Mark Udall

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  1. Ihagh G. T. says:

    interesting, interesting, interesting, deeply motivating and educative post

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    1. Lewis Wafula says:

      Karibu na asante (Welcome and thank you).

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