THE SOCCER TALK: Los Blancos mopped up by Barça at the Bernabue.

Real Madrid were no match to a technically disciplined and supreme rivals Barcelona, as they lost resoundingly 3-0. Barcelona were mean at the back and relentless in attacking. Even though Messi did not score, he pulled the strings and was at the thick of things as Luiz Suarez got involved in all the 3 goals at Santiago Bernabue.  A cool finish from a draw back, a forced own goal against an on-rushing Varane and a sweetly taken Panelka saw Madrid exit the Copa del Rey, on an aggregate 4-1 defeat.

Inset: Vinicius bluntness in front of goal summed up Real Madrid’s frustrations to find the net as Barca edged them out at the Santiago Bernabue.

Golden Boy Vinicius Jr. tried,  but was wasteful in front of goal, and summed up his team’s bluntness. He still has a lot to work on to deliver on the big stage,  but the boy is proving to be a rough cut diamond, shaping up nicely. He still lacks the composure in the box. The world will soon be at his feet, as he follows steps of fellow world conquering Brazilians stars: Neymar,  Ronaldo, Rivaldo and others. Meanwhile,  it is evident CR7 is dearly missed and no one has stepped up to fill his conspicuous gap, yet.

Meanwhile,  Barcelona look poised to win the Copa del Rey,  Spanish la Liga and the Champions League. Messi and Co. have been devastating, hitting in goals and breaking records. Messi particularly seems motivated to set the record straight, that he is alien, carrying the Blaugrana forward towards another epic record season. His goals have been crucial throughout the campaign, and the world is still mesmerized at his performances on the field in making mince meat of opponents and deciding crucial games.

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