TECHIE’S TAKE: Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 (The World’s Most Complicated Watch).

Beastly and beautiful! This could be the best description of Franck Muller’s Aeternitas Mega 4 watch. Created by Master Watchmaker of Genthod Franck Muller, It is by far the most complicated watch in the world. 1 piece takes 5 years to create. In the digital era we currently live in, owning this unique, iconic time ticker makes you one of the kind. It is as beautiful, as unique as it is expensive. It is the ultimate pinnacle of the art of watch making, a masterpiece that depicts originality, complexity and an intricate touch. The watch boasts of 36 complications, enabled by 1,438 components that will intrigue any living mechanic’s brain.

Inset: The intricate Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

Each of the over 1,438 components are designed in-house and play a key role to maintain its authenticity and pure tradition on its elegant unique design. The watch was designed with a heavy focus on its craftsmanship and functionality. Boasting of 1,000 year calendar, the Frank Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 watch follows a 1000 year cycle that is renewable to infinity. This explains the name Aeternitas in Latin that could be translated to eternity.

Key parts of the masterpiece of a watch are:

Display: Fly back, Hours, Minutes counter, 24 Hours, Chronograph, hour counter retrograde, two time zones and movement power reserve

Dimensions: 34.40 x 41.40. Height 13.65

Strap: A hand sewn alligator watch strap

Decoration: 99 jewels

Calendar display: Date and Day retrograde, Month, Year, Leap year (cycle of 4 years), no leap year (cycle of 1000 years), leap year (cycle of 400 years), Equation of time.

A close-up on the Frack Muller’s watch masterpiece

Watch Movement: Mechanic Tourbillon, Carillon Westminster on 4 hammers and 4 gongs, Chronograph with fly-back mechanism and only one push-piece, Perpetual Calendar Secular, Equation of time, two additional time zones, Automatic self-winding mechanism for the movement and the Westminster carillon.

Price: a cool Ksh. 270,297,000.00

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