PERSON OF INTEREST: Steven Odour Dede aka DJ Shiti.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to dig and find out about one Mr. Steven Odour Dede, popularly known as DJ Shiti. He is a funny man who will leave your ribs aching from laughter, with his hard knuckle comics and stunts. You may not take him seriously, but he has carved a niche for himself, from humble beginnings to be a household name in Kenya’s showbiz. He got himself that trademark stage name DJ Shiti from a fabricated story of an illiterate class 3 drop out who has big dreams in the music industry. The MC, aka Deejay Shitiani is convinced he is the best music artist Kenya will ever have. Haha! There you have it…It is a wrap!

DJ Shiti new ride, acquired from Khaligraph Jones.

He started comedy back in primary school as a primary school pupil, and grew in the specialty even when he joined high school in St. Luke Seminary School, Kampala. He continued to shape his comedy acts and create a niche for himself as he joined Nakuru Players Theater where he took up acting as a career. His jokes are usually inspired by real life events and experiences, where he makes fun of those unusual moments especially on people with unmet dreams. He later relocated to Nairobi from Nakuru in 2013 after testing the city audience severally, through the Crazy Comedy platform that won him fans and a ticket to big time entertainment. He has featured in the sequel Real House Helps of Kawangware in 2014, where he was one of the star actors alongside Njugush. It is in the sequel that he was brought to fame, and DJ Shiti stage name stuck like glue on him.

DJ Shiti later met Churchill, of Churchill Live as the legendary comedian prepared for a comeback after a long break. Churchill Live was the mainstay on the Kenyan television, where raw comedy was on display, and we all loved the show for the platform it presented to up coming comic artists and the raw entertainment that left you yearning for more. DJ Shiti got his chance during the 100 Episodes of Churchill Show auditions, and he gave a lifetime performance that ensured he later became part of the show. Sooner than later, his ratings rose sharply, and fame and fortune followed him in quick succession.

As his stage name suggests, he is a man of many means that can make shit work for the good. Other than stand-up comedy and featuring on television production, he has featured in various songs and videos, alongside Kenyan household artists such as Otile Brown, King Kaka, T-Dat, Sauti Sol and Bahati. He has attracted good things through his work, talent and personality as a celebrity. Startimes came calling on him to be their brand ambassador, in a mouth-watering Ksh.5,000,000 deal. Last year (2018) the once struggling, homeless celeb bought for himself a Range Rover, from Khaligraph Jones. More is coming for the rugged comedian this 2019…

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