GOOD BOOKS: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The moment I grasped the gem of the book and read through the first chapter, I wished I had obtained it earlier on, read it and engraved its precious contents in my heart and mind. The Self Help book by Robin Sharma set itself apart with the panache, practical illustrations, deep philosophical revelations, sound religious references and hundreds of insightful quotes from biographies and works of men who were giants in their lifetimes. It may be a fable, but it is well crafted and suited to the present world we live in, and the present day professional that is busy pursuing his career goals at the expense of their health, family and happiness. Recently, I read through and article on balancing the wheel of life, and many of the principles Robin Sharma based in his book concur with the 8 dimensions that were explained in detail in the article.

Inset: The Monk who Sold His Ferrari

The book is not one you will read as a novel, rushing to finish and impatient to know what the main character next action will be or how the scene ends. and the. The writing is specifically and deliberately done in a manner to stir you mind, re-awake your imagination and rinse your intelligence to many truths we are not aware of. This book is meant to transform your life and change your perception about everything you believe in, for the better.  I was personally spell bound, intrigued and inspired by his unique approach to issues that affect us in career paths and the daily endeavors that take toll on us all. The quotes and insights into unquestionable life philosophies made me fall in love with the author’s masterpiece and search inside myself, seeing the emptiness and the need to find answers to thousand questions.

As humans, we need wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace. Taking into consideration the life of Julian Mantle, the transformation from a sour man who had everything but was dead inside to a man exuberating life in fullness and vibrating in wisdom, knowledge and new-found vigor, I saw myself in him. Though it is a story, it is a too good it should be true story. A man confronted with spiritual crisis, loss of purpose and swallowed who in an unbalanced life almost died but found redemption in finding himself. He sought out to confront his spiritual crisis by taking a life changing odyssey to the Himalayas, where his life took a total transformation. While there, he had to empty his cup and allow new teachings take root in him, have his perceptions and belief system change. The power of his mind was then set free and he saw the world from a very different perspective, and his mind grasped things in a whole different way.

Among the many things highlighted in the Self Help Book, I wish to specifically point out the following revelations:

  1. We need to value time as one of our most important commodities in life. Living a life of mediocrity is unacceptable. We need to push ourselves to do what matters more and be more productive. Today could be our last, but what have we achieved?
  2. The need to train and cultivate the mind, because the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thoughts
  3. We need to live a life of purpose, see exquisite beauty in everything around us and always self-examine ourselves to keep focus on our purpose.
  4. Self-Mastery in all our endevours will enable us live life and act with courage. The world we live in favours the brave, and knowing what you want makes you do things courageously. We should do the things we fear most.
  5. Live life with discipline, shutting of noises and distractions in life, and finding power within to be more than the environment we are in.
  6. We need to act kindly and elevate the lives of others. By adding value to the lives of others, we find inner purpose and our own lives get elevated and enriched.
  7. We all have had bad experiences in the past that somehow inhibit our steps at present. This should not be the case. We should let the past be, learning from the experiences we had to live better now and shape the future.

The best way to get all the juice is by getting hold of the gem and gobbling down all it gives, together with the seeds. The book provided revelations I was not aware of, and I had to re-examine and re-evaluate myself on why I was doing or not doing certain things. Developing certain bad habits like negative thoughts limit our imagination to new possibilities and our potential. Sharma recommends 10 habits for Radiant living, and the use of the Heart of the Rose to guard our thoughts and minds. Kindly read through it and share your knowledge, thoughts and how it is impacting on you.

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