FASHION SENSE: The Gentlemen’s Dress Code.

slim fit suit 2

A well dressed man exudes confidence and attracts the right attention. There is also a saying that it is good manners to be well groomed and dress properly. A good fitting suit and boots, alongside a crisp clean shirt and watch give any man a place in the society, before he even utters a word. Now, let us discuss about slim fit suits…

Slim fit suits are the trendy wear for the men who are business and fashion conscious. The slim fit suits are usually cut to follow the dresser’s natural shape, and by design have no extra fabric, as compared to conventional suits. For those with slimmer, shapely masculine bodies, the suits fits well, with the jacket snugging in between the waist and ribs, and the trousers narrowing down at the ankles from the thighs.

The Jacket (Coat)

As pointed out earlier, the jacket should be a little snugging, from the ribs to the waist.  The fit of the jacket should be just right, specifically fitting to your shoulders,  chest, waist and crotch of the trousers. You should be able to fasten the button (all the two buttons) without putting a lot of stress to the fabric around the waist. There should be at least an inch of space when you button up the top button and pull out with your thumb from the stomach.

The shirt & tie

It is recommended that the shirt should also be slim fitting to avoid it bunching and looking awkward under your coat. A properly slim fitting shirt will fit perfectly with the shape and curve of the body, fitting seamlessly with the slim fit suit. The sleeves should end about half inch beyond the cuff of the jacket. In the same breath, the tie and lapels should be narrow as opposed to conventional designed apparel. The slim ties should be almost the size of a credit card, if not more. The lapel should be slightly wider. It is highly recommended that the thinner tie goes with the slim fit, for a more appealing look.


The pair of trousers should be properly fitting, with the crotch area not too low towards the shoes. The trousers should have a 2 inch pinch at the thighs when standing up, and some more inches towards the base of the ankles. It should sit right at the top of your shoes.

Slim fit suit


Pointed or rounded leather shoes or boots are recommenced when donning a slim fitting suit, with a matching belt to complete a sharp look. Since the suits vary in colour, you can combine the following colours of suits with these colour of shoes.

  • Navy blue suit will go well with black or brown shoes;
  • Black suit will match with black shoes;
  • Light grey suit-brown or black;
  • dark grey-black or burgundy.

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