MATTERS OF THE HEART: Swallowing the Bitter Pill

Pablo came up to my two bedroom flat bitter, heart-broken and devastated. His eyes were blood-shot. He mumbled incoherently and seemed totally disoriented. After giving him a glass of cold water, fresh pineapple juice and a sofa to calm his nerves that seemed totally on the overdrive, the usually composed and cheerful Pablo regained his senses and finally found his usual self. He was a teetotaler and devout Christian, so alcohol and all chaos it represented were ruled out of the book. He was a creative manager working in an up-coming advertising company with a bright future ahead of him. His focus and discipline enabled him to get this far, and his lovable personality made him an easy person to go along with. In the five years I had known him, through the financial difficulties, career pressures and challenges, this was the worse I had ever seen him.

Later, Pablo told me his story. Apparently, it was a delicate matter of the heart. He had loved this sweet Meru girl called Samantha for two and a half years now. It had been an on and off thing since they met in a Graphics and Animation class at IDMC. Later, when they had both started their career, they worked together on advertising campaign project, with Pablo being the lead designer for MUA account which she represented, as the Brand Manager. One thing led to another, and sooner than later they were in love, tight like githeri. Samantha, a part time model and celebrity I her own right, lived life on a fast lane , and loved good things. She had taste for good things, and her beauty and brains ensured she got it at a snap of her finger. Everywhere she went, she attracted attention, and men could not shy away from her curvaceous body, and especially her wide hips and voluptuous behind. Pablo was smitten, and he took the bite.

He devoted himself, and proved his love for her. He showered her with expensive gifts, quality time and ensured she always had the best experiences she could ever wish for. He was doing well himself, earning  some good chums and enjoying a good time in his career, with the creative company he worked for having a good turn of fortune business-wise. All seemed well, and they both shared their experiences and love moments on the social media platforms, making themselves an envy to many who wished they could have a piece of such moments and attention. Then, Oti ‘Triple B’ (Biggy Bushy Brows) showed up, and hell broke loose.

They had agreed to meet at the Clarion for a dinner date then drive to his place for a romp after a busy week. As he walked from the parking towards the MUA entrance to pick her up and walk her to his car, her sweet giggles and chatter caught his attention, and as he turned, bouquet and gift box in hand, he stopped right in his tracks by what he saw. There she was, sweet and yummy as ever, with a giant of a man, all skin and muscle with one hand wrapped around her ample bottom. Shell-shocked and speechless, he stood there transfixed by the spectacle, even as the two approached. The hulk, noticing his stare and gaping mouth, growled: “Hey Sam… Who is this loser walking and stalking us like some lost lusty dawg?”

Illustration by Lewis Wafula I Caveman+ Media.

Holding his left muscular arm tight and looking at poor Pablo dismissively, she told her new lover-boy: “Babe, forget him. You’re so strong and beefy, just like my crush the Mighty Rock. Let’s get out of here, go to your place. I am all yours tonight…” Then they left, walked into the parking and drove off in the Oti’s all black, tinted and and souped VX.

That is what unfolded, few hours back until he come to my place. How he drove from Riverside, Nairobi to our estate in Kahawa Sukari is a story only God knew. Listening to his narration, amid tears and raw emotions of a man whose heart is wretched, I felt the pain and shed a tear too. It is never easy when you lose someone you loved and cherished to another, and especially in such a manner. Pablo’s world had fallen apart, his dreams shattered and plans disoriented. I held his hand and gave him a man talk of his life. I advised him to let what is by-gone be by gone, swallow the bitter pill and move on. He had done his part, and relationships are difficult to form meeting the right people who share your vision, ideals and life moments is even more difficult. Men man up, and face the day as it comes. But, how do you just chesa someone’s son like…

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