MONDAY MOTIVATION: Dynasty Conversations…

I walked these jungles of life and seen many seasons come and go, all in full circles. Life gives, and life takes too. I saw my father and mother in their prime; strong, reliable and dependable. Dad marked his territory, and frequently walked around the vast land within it to ensure no one breached it and came to threaten on existence. Dad was strong and wise, more than I can ever be. I remember once when I was just a teenager, he confronted a boisterous fellow who walked in on us uninvited and wanted to kill us all, and take our mother. Dad, with his anger kindled, pride threatened and livelihood at stake showed his other ugly side; he pounced on the brawler, blinded him with a swift double paw punch and broke his neck with such ferocity and viciousness I had ever seen. The same gentle caring father I knew became a roaring and raging beast I never wanted to encounter ever in my life. Later, dad in his old age told me, as he licked a big scar on his thigh: “Sometimes son, you got to do what you do to make and protect your legacy, or else others will whip you and forcefully take it away from you.” Grown up into adulthood now, I know better.

Dynasty Conversations: The King with son out on the ledge I Photo: Courtesy

These were many years ago but seems just like yesterday, yet here I am standing with you. Ahead, I see a thousand possibilities ahead, and places I can make mine if so I wish. I have had my doubts and fears, but equally I have had my moments of strength and triumph, of which I take joy and pride. Out here in the jungle, its survival for the fittest. There are fights I have had to fight just to be alive. There are dreams I have had but woke up to realities of my limited, present situation. Dreaming of eating new flesh is good, but going out there to hunt a fully grown buffalo in the Savannah is another thing all together. I saw father take one down, assisted by my mother and aunties, but before the bull buffalo died, he ensured dad remembered him, inflicting a life threatening on his thigh. We were literally starving, and the daring hunt and kill saved the whole family from imminent death. nothing came easy. When I remember that, it hits me that I have a huge responsibility, as head of the family…

Sometimes I want to give up, fold and disappear. Rivalries, disease, death, conflicts, hunger and the ever changing dynamics of life make me wish I could take the back seat and let others fight. In the face of adversity, many times I want to give up because many times the effort to overcome is just too much. When I see you, I see myself with my father looking over the vast plains many years back. He fought and protected us all to ensure we had a life and future. Because of his endless sacrifices, bravery and wisdom, we survived and here I am. Son, when I am almost giving up, I see you; with all your curiosity and playfulness, with all endless possibilities ahead, a life that has just began. This flames up my inner self and reminds me of the crucial role I have to play in your life. I will fight to the very end to ensure you get the best in life. You give me purpose and reason for living. A king has to conquer, rule with wisdom and strength and ensure his legacy passes on to his children so as to maintain royalty.

‘Son, many times I want to give up but every time I look over my shoulder at who is looking, I steady my step and refocus on what needs to be done.’


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