BUSINESS FOCUS: The Undisputed Advertising Kings, Magnate Ventures.

Advertising as a paid for means of promotion is important for any business venture. In Kenya,  many businesses have ventured in providing advertising services,  but none beats Magnate Ventures. Already an established multi-billion dynasty,  the Kenyan based advertising firm dominates the East African market. In Kenyan,  it enjoys a massive 50+% market share.


Having operated for over 15 years in Kenya and East Africa, Magnate Ventures has enjoyed services top brands and has a wide network of corprates who look up to its wide portfolio of advertising services. They have over 1,200 billboards installed countrywide. Their structures include wall wrappings, bridge branding,  billboards, multi dimensional signs,  hoarding and sky signs.

To achieve such high levels of service delivery  and beat competition so as to dominate consistently over decades,  Magnate Ventures have invested heavily in their installations,  that require engineers, heavy lighting machinery,  specialised materials and equipment.  As an indoor and outdoor advertising company,  and a ERC registered contractor in electrical installations and cabling works, Magnate Ventures has set standards that make them kings and far ahead of competition.


Led by Mr. Stanley Kinyajui who is the founder and CEO, the giant ad firm has made a fortune over years and show signs of slack. Mr. Kinyajui is himself wealthy and well connected to President U. Kenyatta and other prominent personalities in Kenya. It’s a lot of work to take  clients briefs, coordinate the production and logistics and procure specialist services in reasonable time,  especially where millions of money is involved and specialized service delivery is involved. However,  Stan and Co. have been to task.

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