GOOD READS: The Power of Your Mind

Reading good content certainly opens up your mind to new perspectives and shapes your way of thinking and approach to issues of life. Life poses so many questions,  and as a man alive on earth, you got a mundate to find, provide answers and be a solution to the endless problems around us.


I got across this book by Chris Oyakhilome and already found a lot of value in his book titled ‘THE POWEROF YOUR MIND. ‘ Pastor Chris insists that there are endless possibilities of what we can achieve. We need to have the right mindset and put our mind power at work. Combining real life examples and illustrations with Bible teachings and spiritual principles, arguably the book makes a lot of sense especially to those of us who seek deeper meaning of life and best way to achieve success and become more impactful in our lives.

The 176 paged book contains  13 chapters and delves right into deep stuff from the introduction on our livelihoods as men on earth and God’s will.  Pastor Chris insists that our minds are unlimited in potential to create whatever we desire. One’s prosperity is not limited by their location or backgrounds but how he or she uses the power of the mind to raise beyond limitations and become resourceful and successful in life.

The 13 chapters are all scripture based and well thought out. They are in summary

1. Renewing your Mind

2. Understanding the Mind

3. Things to Think about

4. Use your Mind Right

5.The Carnal mind Vs the Spiritual Mind

6. The Power of Thought

7. Pulling Down Strongholds

8. Dealing with Negative Thoughts and Emotions

9. Take No Thought

10. Attitude, Your mental Disposition

11. See it First from Within

12. Meditation-Your Moment of Creation

13. See all Things New

This is not a book you will read like a novel. Each page and chapter requires deep insight and self reflection of self,  as you understand yourself and adjust your mindset. Take time away from the noise and distractions and get hold of this jewel. Personally,  I could not be more glad and  I search deeper and hunger for knowledge and truths about life. If we need to change the world, it has to begin with ourselves first.

The author, Pastor Chris, is well grounded in Ministry,  being president of Christ Embassy.  Being a teacher,  television host, healing pastor and authoritative author,  he has pushed with purpose his commission for over 30 years of service.



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