MOTIVATION MONDAY: Developing a Winning Mentality

Sports are one of the key social activities around us we draw a lot from, especially soccer and track running (athletics). Kenyans are especially fanatics of the EPL and we are all proud of the boisterous way our athletes rule the world in elite races. Naturally, we all love winning and being on the winning side, and hate losers. A clear indication is the infuriation and frustration that was shown by Arsenal fans, when their team posted dismal results, the same as Manchester United is currently. Winning is infectiously good, but it takes a lot to be a winner in life.

Locally, our very own Gor Mahia has done us proud displaying entertaining football and continually proving too superior to other competing teams in the KPL and even international competitions. Playing against Everyone and Hulk City was a strong statement from them. Congratulations to them for winning the KPL Cup and setting up an unmatchable record. The standard they set is actually epic considering the challenges the players and the team as a whole goes through to prepare and participate in the various competitions and championships. It is all about a winning mentality. They could easily represent Kenya as the national team and perform exemplary, compared to how naively the Harambee Stars play.

The winning mentality and successful performance has drawn me to write on how we live our lives and face the day. We all have battles we fight, and challenge after challenge keeps us on our toes in all our endeavors. As we begin a new month, I thought it wise to seek insight into the issue of mentality and winning. I infer to the following key pointers:

1.Set the conditions for success
Winning in life is never easy and that is what makes life evgen more interesting. To be a winner in life, you need to have the mental strength, tenacity, reasonable time, patience and strategy. This means you need to find and create the right environment to build your success path.

2. Define winning 
Clearly define winning, what it means to you and practically interpret literal sense, this would impact to you greatly especially considering different people define and understand winning in different ways. This will enable you formulate clear goals and how to achieve them and win.

3. Establishing of goals
Achievable and well defined goal need are a motivation by themselves and would enable you tp focus your mind and resources towards achieving those resources. Set smart goals, which then increase your self-belief, hence your winning mentality. Setting goals that make you progressive is motivating and help you establish a foundation to build on towards success and winning.

4. Motivation.

Nothing is as beautiful and wonderful to behold as a man motivated and focused on achieving his goals. Even on the field, seeing players motivated to win a game give a very different story compared to unmotivated, insipid and lame performance by players who have already lost in their minds. Finding the right inspiration is key to your performance, and it is all in the mind.

5. The right mindset
Believe you are the best, and you ar there to make a difference. Having the arrogance such as that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and delivering consistently may rub some people wrong, but such a winner’s mindset is what really makes a difference and build confidence. Being a leader and dependable so requires you to have the right mentality and confidence makes you a pillar.

6. Preparation.
Thinking of winning is one thing, but getting the desired results is where the challenge really is. You need to adequately prepare and make deliberate efforts towards working on how to get that desired results. Players train day and night and practice to perfect their game before the show down. Bolt said that what we see on the track and fields is merely the stage act, but real work is behind the scenes. The best illustrations could be drawn from professional boxers, who train relentlessly to exploit the opponents weakness and maximize their advantage.

7. Faith. 
Have faith in yourself and what you do. When you have faith and belief in yourself, you get more confident and resourceful since you have self-worth. These make you progress forward and get better in your line of work. As said earlier, perfection requires preparation and consistent practice. Other than believing in yourself, develop faith in others too.

8. Learning from Failures
Failure is part of life. Even the greatest of men, such as Abraham Lincoln failed in their pursue for purpose, but he never gave up until he become one of the greatest statesmen ever in the USA. Before becoming the great sportsman he is now, Christiano Ronaldo fought through ridicule, disappointments, discouragement to be the hero he is today. Along the way, he failed at times to match expectations, and at critical moments failed to deliver. Still, he fought on, and this is more than inspirational to us all on what it takes to have a winning mentality.

9. Develop and Maintain the Right Attitude
Your attitude would determine your success or failure. Most times, we are attracted to people with positive attitudes who are always motivated, focused and determined to get it done no matter the situation. To maximize your productivity, stop playing the blame game and take the initiative to make the best of the situation. How is your attitude when you fail, or when others fail you? Be the candle in darkness, the strong hand in the midst of weakness, strength to the weak and the fresh breath to those drowning in frustration and confusion.

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