MONDAY MOTIVATION: Men, Life Marathons and Legacies

Eliud Kipchoge put up an exemplary performance over the weekend to beat other elite athletes and smash the World Record in the Berlin Marathon 2018 Edition. We were proud as a country for such a great fete, and indeed, Kipchoge is a hero having waved our flag high and ensured our country stays in good books as far as the world is concerned in global events. There is nothing more inspiration than seeing a man whom you closely associate with conquer, and bring it home. It makes you believe in yourself and strive to also achieve something, no matter what is at stake.


Well, marathon is one of the most tactical races ever, in the whole pool of athletics, especially those that involve athletics. The athlete needs to be fit, well prepared, and tactical and have the spirit to endure. There are those who participate for the sake of making an appearance, but the real deal are those elite athletes who come to dominate and win the precious award. Certainly, marathon depicts the challenges we face in life, endurance, our attitudes and mentality when working things out. There ae those who dash and lose it, those who lose sight of the price at crucial moments and those who keep their eyes fixed on the ultimate prize, and push themselves to the limit to achieve fetes only few can. Interestingly, even at that breaking point, competition is still stiff and when you snooze, you lose.

It is really inspiring to see the athletes compete, and watching the performance of top runners like the legendary Kipchoge Keino, Eliud Kipchoge, Paul Tergat and Britain’s Mo Farah says it all; it is never a fluke. You have to have it to get that gold round your neck, crown of honor on your head and millions worth of price money. Importantly, just as they train hard, you need to be focused and deliberate in your approach to the goal, committed to the end. A good life coach, who observed, instructs and is tough on you remain on your lane and schedule to shape up. Any person on earth respects an award that is due and well earned. The sweat, tears and sheer will of athletes such as Eliud Kipchoge is all applauded and lauded by live viewers online, along the track of event and on media platforms as they fight and push themselves to get something out of their efforts. You can never fake a win, and professionalism is adhered to.

In summary, we can say marathon give us all important life lessons, and Eliud’s Kipchoge’s victory certainly is more than a motivation as we begin a new week and go on with the year’s 2018 marathon to completion. Then, note that:
1) Life, like a marathon  is a journey, and taking the necessary steps towards success  to reach your goals and learning along the way is key;
2) Your mentality is tested in life as it is in a marathon, and smartness demands you break down your goals into smaller achievable steps which are progressive;
3) Most times, things never go according to plan, but you need to be flexible and adjust according to suit the situation and manage. Challenges and obstacles are there to stay, no matter who you are. Work to overcome them;
4) Just like elite athletes take care of themselves, you need to take care of yourself. Rigorous training, dieting and routine exercise make top athletes stand out. The same goes to us all, and success is parallel. You need to condition your body and mind towards tour ultimate goals.
4) Dig in, gnash you teach and just do it. Grit and determination all the way!

In his own words, Eliud Kipchoge said: “They say you can miss it twice but not third time. So I want to thank everyone who has helped me.
“It was hard. I ran my own race, I trusted my trainers, my programme and my coach. That’s what pushed me in the last kilometres.

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