CREATIVE KORNA: The Man in her Life…

She was twenty two years old,  a young and sweet girl who minded her business and never loved attention. She was a natural beauty, a heart of gold and had a mild temperament. She had had her ups and downs in life. But was determined to fulfill her life dreams of being rich,  famous and influential in Kenya,  no matter what it took.

Abram,  or is it Abby….
She met Abram on a commuter bus one day,  as she made her way back to her bed sitter in Roysambu. He was such a gentleman,  kind and sweet to have a conversation with. He had a good sense of dressing, and his three piece slim-fit suit,  brown boots that matched his belt and Fossil watch made him stand out. He looked in every sense successful,  probably a top 40@40 business owner doing well. He spoke flawless English and Swahili,  and seemed well versed with the economic and political affairs in Kenya and in Africa as a whole. She liked him instantly,  and struck rapport with him. His wicked sense of intelligent humor tickled her fancy.

One thing led to another and 3 weeks down the line,  she into him. He was easy going, dependable and conversational. As a student,  she found the going tough at times,  but when she started asking to sketching out for small things,  hevobliged without much fuss. Soon,  she was swooning and swirling on cloud nine,  the center of attention at KCA University, where she was pursuing her finance degree. Her taste of food,  friends, clothes and places she hanged out suddenly changed,  abduct was soon too obvious she was into something,  or is it someone well healed.

He bought her expensive ornaments and clothing. Her bought her,  in her name a brand new Honda Fit on her birthday. He surprised her with a Ksh. 6,000,000  3 bedroom apartment in Pangani, all in cash and under her name. She was good to him,  and she trusted him fully,  and desperately. She knew so little of him,  and her level of trust and information he fed her seemed to satisfy whatever questions she had regarding him. The material things seemed to blind her, and off her feet he swept her. He was her conquerer, and her his conquest.

18 months later…
Now 3 months pregnant, Ksh. 10,000,000 in her account, car, own finance consultancy firm, a modest own home and something to boast about, she could ask for more. She still remained independent, though Abram remained the man behind her success. He never mentioned marriage, but loyal and committed to her.

One day,  after a sumptous meal and long sweet lovemaking, he looked at her naked body as she nestled to his muscular chest, in total trust and submission to him. He reached down to his pair of jeans, and pulled the carefully folded letter in a while envelope. He re-read it again,  his heart shattered. He had to leave her,  and his unborn child. His profession as a professional hitman on hire didn’t allow him to love and commit. It was the sacrifice for his choice in life. She had treated him with so much love,  and he had risked so much to love her back.

Quietly, methodologically,  he wiped all evidence he ever existed in her life.  Pictures in the smartphone, messages,  Mpesa transactions were already erased. He had been keen, and so far nobody had raised questions about him. As quietly as he had come into her life,  he crept and walked out into the quiet early morning, having tucked the  note under her pillow. He was a ghost to her, for she hardly knew him, yet he knew everything about her,  right to her old folks back in Murang’a. Oh,  poor sweet Brenda…

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