GOOD READS: Don’t Waste your Life Standing at the Complaints Counter

It was another week gone and I felt down that the goals I had set were not fulfilled. Disillusionment and discouragement soured my evening as I contemplated my next step. My times, questions rang through my mind as I contemplated my next step. I am human and high and lows hit me as anyone else.

Later, I found my favourite book and settled down to chomp at the nuggets. Jason L. Mason, the writer of YOU ARE BORN ORIGINAL, DON’T DIE A COPY, never minced his words. Through his unique way of writing, combining real life experience, life motivation, God’s word and Godly inspiration in short fire bursts to one’s soul.

Turn your questions marks into exclamations.

He wrote:The person who is always finding fault seldom find anything else. Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation. Any complainer will tell you success is nothing but luck. Children are born optimistics, and the world slowly tries to educate them out of their ‘delusion.’ The fact is, the more you complain, the less you obtain. A life of complaining is the ultimate yet. The only difference between a rural and a gravies the timing. A complaining spirit is first a caller, thence guest and finally a master.

Well, these nugget jolted me from my poor state of mind and made me shift my focus and mindset to a more positive outlook. Bad situations happen, but how you handle it is really what matters. Overly, Mason’s nuggets make you think differently and awaken you inner man to raise to greatness. It’s a good read, one you can never finish, and most importantly onevyoy need in your bag, car or family shelf to nourish your mind and challenge yourself.

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