Sunday Sermon: Men and Vision

‘When we were children, each of us had a vision and clear picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some aspired to be doctors, others lawyers, and prominent personalities in the society who made impact. Something happens along the way happens that waters and deviates that vision for most people into as people say: bora uhai.’We end up living compromised lives, away from our dreams, aspirations and potential.

Vision: clear picture beyond the current reality.

On Sunday during the sermon, when the Pastor touched this topic, we were all caught up and each one in their thoughts and journeys of life. Certainly, God has good plans for all of us but we need to be aligned and live to fulfill our visions in life, and live fulfilled lives. We must all be driven by our visions. God’s vision (Isaiah 7:14) was provided and fulfilled through his prophet (Isaiah) as written in Matthew 1:23-25. God remained committed to his vision, until it came to pass through the birth, works, death and resurrection of Jesus is beloved son.

Just as Jesus was committed to fulfill his purpose and scripture, we must be committed to ensure that what we envision in our lives comes to pass. Proverbs 29:18 states that where vision lacks, people perish. We need up at the mercy of elements and forces that waves us in whatever direction they please, and vain wasted lives. Godly wisdom demands that we should all be aligned to a vision, and be committed to see it come to pass.

So, what is this much emphasized thing called vision? It could be defined as:
(1)The inner eye of faith to see the invisible (to see beyond you)
(2) The ability to think or plan the future with imagination.
(3) A clear mental image of a preferable future.
(4) The capability to see beyond your current reality.
(5) The picture of an idea that you’ve in your mind for your destiny.

As a Christian, one has a big responsibility to work towards a well-defined, productive and progressive life that can be emulated by others. It is really sad to see many Christians wallow in confusion and live mediocre lives whereas those in the secular world remain focused, steadfast and committed to their vision and live seemingly prosperous lives. This should never be the case. As Christians, there are basic principles and actions we must take to make our visions come true. You must pray because prayer is the key to every vision a man bears in his life. You must work towards fulfilling that vision to make it work out. Everything in life needs effort. Also, you must invest in heavily for a justified return. Give a seed or rather a worthy sacrifice towards your vision. This is well paraphrased in Habakkuk 2:2, where the bible says that we should write down our visions, pray about it, work it out and in its time, it would come to pass. We have a critical role to play as vision bearers, as already established earlier.

Samson was a man of passion who was born in his time for a specific purpose to carry out an assignment for Israel. In his days as a youth (Judges 14:1-10), he desired to marry and particularly loved a Philistine woman in Timnah. The drive for the woman was strong in him as he envisioned her as his wife, and had to involve his family to get her hand in marriage. However, just as it is for every vision, opposition fights it. He met a lot of challenges, especially from his family who were very much against their sons marrying a daughter from their sworn enemies. Then came the incident of the lion, which attacked him but he overcame it and even ate and shared honey from its carcass! Samson was relentless and pursued his dream no matter what came his way. From his story, we gather that for any well-meaning vision, it must be tied to biblical principles. There will always be opposition. We must not be hindered by present limitations and hindrances. A vision go through processes over time, and the end of the day upon fulfillment, people join in to celebrate.

Our visions must always reflect our walk with God. Our visions serve as bridge to our future lives, and they need God’s help help to achieve them. Every great man alive or dead are born out of great visionaries, and we are no exception. To understand how powerful visions are and their impact, we only have to contrast it with living without vision. One becomes fatigued, demonized, hopeless and inability to reach life goals. Now, that is pathetic! A life without hope and focus is death in itself.

In church today, there are three types of people. There are:

  1. Those without vision who find it difficult to see what is ahead of them; live their wasted lives doing the same thing all over again, feel contented in their comfort zones and largely avoid change. As the bible says in Proverbs 29:18, such people perish and end up as victims of circumstances they could have changed but they did not. The very things they should have overcome dominate over them.
  2. Those with a blurred vision. They see but not clearly. They have goals to accomplish but never reach their potential. These partiality is poison in itself as it leads to compromised lives.
  3. Those with a clear vision. They are fully focused on their visions and not easily distracted. They see clearly where they are headed and do not allow themselves to be hindered by anything. These people know that God has called them and is an plays an important role towards fulfilling their visions, hence work at their vision with fun and enthusiasm.
Be a person with a clear vision in life, and boldly pursue what you envision.

It is one thing to have a vision, and it is another thing to follow through it to the end. There are things which hinder people from fulfilling their visions in life in whatever endeavours they have. These could include:

  • Lacking faith and belief and faith our very own vision
  • Lack of preparation for what it takes to carry out the vision
  • Lack of patience
  • Have negative thoughts and conversations regarding the very vision we bear
  • Weaknesses brought about about by past failures and discouragements

These are weaknesses on our part and we should strive and work hard to work against such forces which derail us from our visions and bigger dreams in life, to live lives of compromise. Our visions should:

  1. Motivate us
  2. Give us greater purpose to live fulfilled lives
  3. Give us direction in life and issues
  4. Lead us to the right strategy and action plans on way to live and work out problems into opportunities.

There is always time to develop, work and fulfill ones vision. However, timing is key in ensuring the desired results are achieved in the set time. Your vision must be great and seemingly impossible, thus needing a supernatural intervention. Through working and succeeding in working out the vision, it opens up many other opportunities and possibilities. It is worth everything to focus on a vision in life and strive towards working it.

(Adopted from Sunday sermon 12th Aug. 2018 by Pastor Martin, RFCC)

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