MONDAY MOTIVATION: In Sync with the Ticking Time, or your Delayed Destiny is Delighting the Devil?

Life is precious, and with every breath of life and heartbeat, it tick-toks away, then it is gone. I recently attended an interview and towards the end, I was handed a blank sheet of paper and simply asked what I wanted people to say in my eulogy, on my last day on earth. It struck me that where I was in reality was far from where I intended and desired to be. If people were to say good things about me, I needed to have a paradigm shift in many things I did and my deeds needed a huge transformation. There are great ideas in my mind still not implemented, projects not began and people whose destinies depending on me, yet I had not impacted on them. Looking around at people on the run, I find inspiration to run against the dials of time and fulfill my purpose in life. What eulogy would you want people to read on the day you will be buried, since we will all die someday?

Precious Watch
The Clock of Life runs on non-stop, but are you in sync?

Delays in life are the perfect delights of the devil. We all have great dreams and aspirations, but procrastination and fear most engulf us, and leave us frustrated, unhappy and living below our potential. Every time we delay our duties, we delight the devil. In life, we all respect and admire the few who rose up to challenges, took opportunities that came their way and worked on the dreams to turn into reality. I was once challenged, and it keeps on ringing on my mind, that ‘I have to eat what I kill. As everyone else, I have 24 hours in a day, and thus have to make good use of every minute and hour to optimize my productivity.’ It is a philosophy I am building on within me and in my approach to life. I lost time and opportunity, and I know the disgusting taste of defeat, wasted chances and below per performance. It is the reason I find another day a great opportunity to rise up and make a difference through living a life of impact.

In one of the greatest books in my accumulating collections, Jason H. Mason pointed out in one of his nuggets procrastination is like poison. Here, I quote: ‘Be jealous of your time; it is your greatest treasure. Ideas have a short life span-that is why we must act before our expiration date. Procrastination is the ability is the ability to keep up with yesterday. “Even if you are on the right track-you will get run over if you just sit there,” says Arthur Godfrey. Putting of a simple thing makes it hard, and putting of a hard thing makes it impossible.’ I totally agree to these words and ponder on the very steps I make, where am I headed, and why?

One of things that is clear time waits for no one, one day you are strong, the other too weak and gone. The time to start is now. Mason importantly asked why people do not jump up to opportunities as fast as they jump to conclusions? We are often defeated before we start! He stated: ‘…Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. Anybody who brags about what he is going to do tomorrow probably did the same thing yesterday. Few things are dangerous to a person’s character than having nothing to do and plenty of time in which to do it. Killing time is nor murder, it is suicide. Two things rob people of their peace of mind, work unfinished and work not yet began.’

Make a resolution today to carry out whatever is important and matters to you that you have postponed for long. Take action to whatever challenges come your way firsthand, before it grows out of proportion and into impossibility. Let people celebrate you life well lived and enjoy your conquest, rather than mourn loss of life that was never well lived. I realized that it is only you who can create, make somethings become a reality and finish projects stated. Begin, and pursue. Do not get run over, and expire in wastage. How will you account for the time, opportunities, abilities and people entrusted into your destiny?

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