PACK, POWER & PUNCH.Ke: A Time is Coming…

In the year 2032, there was a sudden shift in the national, regional and global perspectives of all over the world, especially about Kenya. Kenya had suddenly taken the world stage by storm, from politics, economics and social cultural aspects. 2 years before the historic national elections, a young man, born and bred in Bungoma, sponsored to study in Harvard University and a qualified lawyer and teacher by profession woke the country from its stupor. At only 34 years of age, Walibora Walumbe Wanyikina was pushing for the highest post on land. At first, it seemed like a bad joke from another blindly ambitious Kenyan salivating for the perks that come with power and recognition, but those who listened keenly and followed his story and philosophy realized here was gem wrapped in old newspapers, but slowly getting unwrapped as the world marveled. Our very own Barrack Obama. His father, after much soul searching discovered his son was meant for big things and prepared himself, just in case…

The President, Wawawa

Born in Pwani, Kabuyefwe sub-location and Tongaren division, Walibora Walumbe Wayikina was one of a kind. He had been a bright child right from childhood, taking after his father, Mwalimu Wafula Wasimbwa Wanyikina who was a loved and respected teacher, long serving & legendary headmaster of Pwani Secondary School and a pastor in Pwani Redeemed Church. Walibora was a prefect all through his primary, secondary and university education in University of Nairobi. His eloquence in speech, strong opinions on subject matters, intelligence and wisdom beyond his years, clear leadership qualities made his friends and foes stand and awe and watch him take over and dominate wherever he was. He was an Alpha-male, but mild mannered, level headed and a man of good heart to everyone, both young and old. He was rightly called ‘The President Wawawa’, right from childhood, and his mannerisms strongly inclined towards his one and only inspiration-former US 44th President, Barrack Obama. He talked like him, walked like him and even argued out like his idol.

lewis Wafula.jpg
 A time is Coming…

His ambitions, clear life goals genius mind and top performances soon got him shaking hands of the top leaders of the country then, the likes of Babu Owino, Cleophas Malala, Muhoho Kenyata and  and others who were at the very helm of Kenyan government leadership. He had a passion for a better governed country, better managed resources and exploitation of the rich resources the nation was endowed with which unfortunately went to waste. He always maintained that he would be president of the Republic of Kenya one day, and there would be change from what the citizens experienced year after year. The empty promises, looting of public resources and tribalism would be ‘TBT’. God indeed must have been by his side or rather inside him as he soon won a scholarship to Harvard University to study political law. That was his wildest dream and he utilized the opportunity to become a better person, got exposure on international matters and mastered the art of public speaking. He also followed keenly on Kenya’s political and economic affairs, since they dearly mattered to him.

Walibora back with a mission

10 years later, a more mature, determined and well-read & informed Walibora Walumbe Wanyikina landed back in the country and directly went into the political foray. He spoke his mind with courage, intelligence and wisdom and soon got everyone’s attention. He had a modest team, a modest sum of money and resources for his campaigns, but his message of hope, his values and dream for Kenya soon got the public behind him. While he had been away, Baba RAO handed the baton to Babu Owino, who went from becoming the Governor of Nairobi to winning hotly contested presidential elections against Mt. Kenya’s Muhoho Kenyatta in 2027. For the first time, power shifted to another tribe, and it was a major victory especially for the much maligned lakeside region. The same problems still persisted, with corruptions, tribalism and lack of leadership in key moments that led to more disillusionment in the country’s progress economically and politically speaking.

In the wake of such troubled times, WWW emerged as a light in darkness and disillusionment that had engulfed the country. He was very articulate, idealistic and never abused anyone during his campaigns. He never mentioned his big intentions, as he built his political base and brand. Wawawa, as he was later called by the crowds, in one of the leadership forums organized by Royal Media services leading television finally announced that he intended to run for Presidency 2032 elections, under his formed party, Eagles Wings Party with the to be famous tag, Time to Rise and Become Great. Everything happened so fast that the old politicians and technocrats of old who controlled the political arena and determined who was who were caught flat footed, as EWP soon took over. Wawawa brought a new wave of change, a revolution never experienced before since the days of Tom Mboya, a charged Matiba and now old veteran, RAO.

Walibora Walumbe Wanyikina pushed hard on new fresh ideas and action based manifesto that was clear, straightforward and timely for the country. A 30% economic growth could be achieved, if certain, measures were put in place, and empowerment of the people enabled and the local industries financed. The education system needed to be overhauled to adopt a modern system that developed natural abilities and provided necessary hard and soft skills to make it on a global market. Corruption would be intolerable, with the Judiciary given more powers, and enshrined in the amended constitution. The one timely idea that united the nation to wholesomely support him as the future to be president was on Kenya playing in the World Cup in 2038.

He watched and shed tears when Kenya dominated in all other sports globally, but failed to make it to the biggest stage of all, the World Cup. He had an elaborate plan, and given the opportunity, he would spearhead overhauling the whole Football Kenya Federation (FKF), personally supervise a new body to ensure structures, plans and programs were in place to get whatever needed to be done to get Kenya qualify and win the CAF and World Cup. This was to be a national priority, and get a full backing of his government. The issue on football got the whole country behind him. It was no surprise that in 2032, his voice ruled the local airwaves, his handsome face on posters was all over the country and in people’s houses, as his dream for a new Kenya under the revolutionary tag: Time to Rise and Become Great was on almost 80% of the populace. Even the international watchdogs were impressed and how quickly Kenya’s politics had matured.

The Presidency, Simba Marara wa Mara and the World Cup

In September, 2032 the people of Pwani, Bungoma, the western bloc and Kenya as a whole celebrated the landslide victory of the incumbent, young and vibrant President, Walibora Walumbe Wanyikina aka Wawawa. There was no time for the foul mouthed who said the 34 year old was too young and naive to lead the country. He had showed that he was capable in the battle for the top seat, and his mature way of arguments and perspective of issues gave him an edge. Kenya had to move forward, and approach issues from a different perspective, having endured the same kind of leadership and unfulfilled promises since independence. It was time for a revolution time for the youth to take over, and principles, values and action-based projects to be effected to drive the country forward. He was passionate to unite the country, and give them what they yearned for most: a shot at the African Cup and World Cup, a stabilized economy and equal opportunity for everyone to be someone in the country. Tribalism, corruption and oligarchs were giving way to merit, servant-hood and performance based leadership.

In 2034, two years after President Walibora Walumbe Wanyikina took power as president of the Republic of Kenya; Kenya qualified to participate in the FIFA World Cup to be held in Singapore. The national team, now renamed ‘The Invincible Lions of Mara (Simba Marara wa Mara) was a totally different outfit compared to the past years. Kenya had actually taken over Africa, having narrowly lost to Egypt in the finals. We were equal, if not better to Nigeria and Senegal which had initially bettered us. President Walibora Walumbe ensured the local league was properly run and the national team fully supported, pulling strings behind scenes. It was no fluke, looking at the heavy investment put into the Invincible Lions of Mara. Germany, England and Brazil were part of the schedule in the preparations for the World Cup, with both friendlies organized to be played in the now iconic Safaricom Kasarani Stadium. The national team was playing beautiful nipe-nikupe soccer, coached by Victor Mugubi Wanyama, a celebrated national hero and warrior of pitch in his he-days in Tottenham Hotspurs. The country was in euphoria, and seeing their own sons making history brought tears of joy in the hearts of parents and tears of happiness to millions of Kenyans, who longed to be well presented on the global stage. Kenya’s FIFA ranking had climbed up steeply from the dismal 112 back in 2018 to an impressive 17, beating Nigeria (30) and Tunisia (22). Kenya was suddenly on the global periscope, with everyone wanting to know more about the country Obama came from, and how they came to be world beaters.


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