KREATIVE KORNA: From a loving Papa to dear Sonny.

I have watched you son,

From the early days of your infancy

Through the tempest years of teenage hood

Father and son 2.jpg

Saw the tiny furs on your jaws roughen up your face

the voice break,

Your first crush love and heartbreak.

How I saw myself in you,

Then a baby…

Until now you are nearing manhood…

What shall I speak to you?

What shall I tell you?


Son, life is hard; be steel, be a rock,

And you might stand against the swirling winds and waves of life

And still remain firm amidst tempests and storms

Through the sudden betrayals

Remain tight through the slow slacks moments of life.

Life is as soft loam soil; be gentle, go easy

So that this too might serve you.

Brutes have been gentled where lashes failed

The growth of a frail flower is a path up

has at times shattered and split a rock.

A tough and tenacious will counts;

So does desire,

and so does a rich soft wanting.
Without the rich wanting, nothing arrives.

Too much money has killed men,

 And left them long dead before their burial.

The quest for blood money before a few easy needs

Has twisted enough good men;

And sometimes into dry, thwarted worms.


Son, time can be wasted

Be a fool so often,

and have no shame for ever having a being a fool;

Yet, learning something out of every folly

hoping to repeat none of the cheap follies,

Thus arriving at intimate understanding

 of a world numbering many fools.


Father and SonSon, often seek your own company

Be alone, and get at things by yourself.

Do not lie to yourself, in whatever you do.

Do not lie to yourself, no matter how many white lies and protective frontiers

you may take advantage of, and use against other people.

Solitude is creative, if you are strong;

Final decisions are made in silent rooms.


Be different from other people, son.

Be different, especially if comes natural and easy to you.

If you are different, son:

Then you may understand

works of great men and genius minds:

Shakespeare and his creative pieces

The Wright Brother and their day dreams

Pavlov, down delve deep onto dials of man’s mind

Pasteur, and medicinal matters

Michael Faraday and free imaginations;

Bring changes into a world resenting the very change

You will be lonely enough,

 To have time to work,

Work you know and call your own.


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