MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: The 25 Fundamental Questions on Life & Living.

As we rise up to face yet another day, week and month of the year, I am certain you seek for answers to some questions on issues that concern you. It is part of our consciousness as intellectual and social beings. When I came across these questions, each had me draw back on myself and re-examine the path I’ve walked on these many years I have been alive. I realized that if we were to pause and question our motivations, perceptions, convictions, attitudes and belief systems on life, we would lead better and more positive lives impacting on the very lives of others as we are transformed from within.

The Big Fat Questions of Life.jpg

1. What dominates your day?

2.For everything you believe, do you ever ask: “Who said it?”

3. Do you make friends before you need them?

4. Do you make promises or commitments?

5. Who is creating your world?

6. Does God seem far away, and if so, guess who moved?

7. What is it like to be my buddy?

8. What is it like to work with me?

9. Do you have a strong will, or a strong will not?

10. Are you making a living or life?

11. When you last failed: did you stop trying because you failed, or you failed because you stopped trying?

12. If the future generations were looking up on you for spiritual knowledge and foundations to build on, how much would they receive, and how strong are the foundations you lay?

13. Do you risk enough to exercise your faith in God?

14. Failure: does it discourage or bring determination to you?

15. Are you willing to practice what you preach?

16. Do you say ‘OUR FATHER’ on Sunday and act like an ‘Orphan’ the rest of the week?

17. How many selfish people do you know?

18. If you were arrested for being kind, would there be enough evidence to convict you?


19. How many people do you know who became successful for what they hated?

20. Is God your hope or your excuse?

21. What force is more potent than love?

22. Is there anything too hard for God?

23. Is your mission on earth finished?

24. Do you exist, or do you live?

25. What is more miserable than to be out of God’s will?

Finding answers to these questions in your own could make get you changing so many things in life and realizing there is more to life, and you have a big responsibility towards the same. We all seek meaning to life, happiness and fulfillment. Is it time we get back to the all knowing God, and draw from his wisdom?

Adopted from John L. Mason’s book YOU ARE BORN AN ORIGINAL, DO DON’T DIE A COPY.

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