WORKING ON THE DREAM: Styling up with a Smile.

I have known Peace Loise from back in university days, where she pursued Media Studies as I completed my B.Com (Marketing) course. Fate had it that after many years, our paths would cross again. It takes a lot of inspiration to stand your ground and develop something which you believe in, and more-so to get other people along to believe in it too. The world requires game changers, people who go against the grain to stand out from the crowd, create and bring about beauty. Peace Loise is quickly emerging as one of her kind, an inspiration to the young generation of modern young women making a difference in Kenya and the world today. Caveman+ Media engaged her in an exclusive interview, as established much insights from her.

Caveman: Hawayu…

Peace Loise: Hawayu!

Caveman: Finally….! Jitambulishe kwa wadhii tafadhali… Introduce yourself and tell us more about yourself.

Peace Loise: My formal name is Peace Loise Mbae, though I prefer being called Peace Loise. I am young at heart but mature in both mind and body. Well, I am a village girl, born and bred in Meru, specifically the stronghold county. I come from a big family of six three girls, three boys. Both my parents are head teachers of high schools. Growing up in Meru was so much fun, climbing trees, going to the river, farming, yeah I did all that.

I studied in Meru from pre-school through to university, not by choice I must add. I moved to Nairobi in 2016 after getting tired of living in the village for such a long time. That was a year after university. I had been working for the Standard as a correspondent for Tharaka Nithi. It was a great experience but I started feeling trapped when I realized I wasn’t really achieving my dreams. I have always pictured myself living in a big city and when life wasn’t giving it to me I took matters into my own hands. I decided to go visit a friend in Nairobi and never went back.

Peace Loise Mbae
Peace Loise, looking glamorous in a past beauty event. Phot: Courtesy.

Caveman: What trade are you currently plying, in these hustles and bustles of Nairobi?

Peace Loise: I am a journalist by profession, but i am not practicing it at the moment. Currently, I am Blogger, which I find to both intriguing and satisfying.

Caveman: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Peace Loise: I picture myself lecturing, having my own natural hair company and living my most authentic life.

Caveman: Any hobbies and interests you love indulging yourself in?

Peace Loise: I love watching movies, listening to music and highly addicted you You Tube. I am a big fun of African music, and especially Sauti Sol, rapper Nyashiski and Yemi Alade are my favorite. Internationally, I love pop/rock music by artists such as Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Daughtry. I love gospel music too, especially Hillsong are my favorite. As for the movies, I love watching investigative series like Person of Interest, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal and Breaking Bad.

Caveman: Likes and dislikes?

Peace Loise: I love spreading hope and positivity. There is so much negativity in the world as it is. I loathe inequality, injustice and close mindedness.

Caveman: Which book are you currently reading?

Peace Loise: I am reading Tiffany Haddish’s The Last Black Unicorn and Real Boys by William Pollack.

Caveman: Why do you do what you do…what motivates you?

Peace Loise: I started blogging about hair after it give me a purpose when I lost my job and fell into despair. If hair did that for me, it can do that for someone else. Therefore, every time I share about hair care I don’t view it as just beauty but something that is empowering to the soul within.

Caveman: What really inspires you?

Peace Loise: I am inspired by the person I was yesterday. I always want to be the best version of myself with every passing day.

Caveman: Whom do you look up to as your motivation in terms of personality, influence and success so that you too can hit the mark?

Peace Loise: I would say inspire than motivate. The first is my mom. She is the reason I am who I am. Her hard work, encouragement, counsel and support inspires me to want to succeed the more. The second is the amazing Gabrielle Union. I love how real, empowering and successful she is. Her book, We Gonna Need More Wine is such an amazing tale of the journey of a woman towards finding herself. Lastly Michelle Ntalami, founder Marini Naturals. Something about Michelle makes me see a future me. She is beautiful, a true boss and the way she encourages and cheers others on makes me love her so much.

Mitchelle Ntalami.jpg
Inset: Mitchelle Ntalami, one of Peace Loise biggest inspirational personalities. Photo: Courtesy.

Caveman: What projects are you currently embarked on your entrepreneurial/ creative journey and what milestones do you wish to reach within what timelines?

Peace Loise: I am working on a project ‘The Afro Bloom‘ where I am partnering with natural hair brands to share hair-care tips online. This will be an ongoing project.

Caveman: What has been your greatest achievement so far in your life battles?

Peace Loise: The first is definitely venturing into blogging. It sounds simple but blogging has been my saving grace. I have been able to build my brand and I am happy doing it. The fact that I get to impact someone’s life through my content is without a doubt my all-time achievement.

Caveman: What advice would you give the girls in school and institutions of higher learning concerning their dreams and life ambitions?

Peace Loise: First know you matter and deserve the best in life. secondly, reaching for your dreams should not be a thing you picture in the future. Your dreams are right in-front of you, so start making small or big steps whether physically or mentally to make them happen. Someone said don’t wait for the opportunity to be prepared, prepare and look for the opportunity. You are not too early you are in the right moment.

Bang! Peace Loise’s charm and likeable personality in one shot. Photo: Courtesy

It was certainly insightful and inspiring from Peace Loise, as we got to know her on a deeper and personal level. Her charm, beauty and wits are certainly God given gifts and she is currently utilizing them fully to win hearts of women, as she promotes various hair brands. Her hair is amazing, and naturally I am very much attracted to her beautiful hair do and natural bloom, which I find afrodisiac*. Follow her on YouTube Channel: Peace Loise to view her latest posts and guidelines to proper hair care. She also runs her own which I believe you will find both exciting and educative she tells her tantalizing stories and takes you through hair care processes. Also, she frequently posts her pictures and videos of her various styles on Facebook: peaceloise mbae and Instagram/twitter: peaceloise. We at Caveman+ Media fully support her course and ask you to join her on her journey. One day, in the near future, we shall celebrate victories together. She is a gem slowly unwrapping.

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