PERSON OF INTEREST: This man, Otile ‘John Legend’ Brown!

The light-skinned Kenyan artist fame just soared higher in the recent weeks, especially after hooking up with popular, curvaceous and controversial socialite, Vera Sidika. Otile Brown is a mellow voiced Mombasa born Kenyan artist. His contemporary music has heavy orientation to love and relationship issues. He calls his specific genre of music Kunidzia. Interestingly, he was a rapper in his early days in music before settling to just singing. Dr. Eddie shaped his talent into beautiful music and video production that quickly rose in to fame, through the Dreamland Music Entertainment label, from back in 2012. Not only is a good singer singer, Otile Brown also a guitarist, song writer and an actor. His consistency in producing hit after hit has increased his stake as an artist worth considering in entertainment and show biz in Kenya. Big credit goes to Jalang’o who hooked him to Dr. Eddie and even financed his first recording in the studio.

Otile Brown.jpg
Otile Brown, looking as good as his sweet music.

Born and brought up in Mombasa, and a last born in his family, Otile Brown hustled in the coast before moving to Nairobi to pursue better opportunities, and grow his music. His mother, who has long since passed on was particularly  very instrumental in his music career, encouraging him to pursue his dream and utilize his natural talents. People associate his kind of music with that of US legend John Legend, and checking out his music you would understand why it is so. His vocals, style and ability to bring out sweet tunes from instruments make Brown tick in all right boxes. His music is also mature and addresses issues we can all relate to.

His hook up with Vera Sidika was perhaps a surprise to many considering the voluptuous socialite’s exotic and expensive taste of both men and material things. It would be intimidating to date the popular socialite, live along living with her for a week or even establishing a long term relationship with her. Brown seems to be doing just fine, taming her. If it is a show biz gimmick, it is surely working for both of them.

Otile with Vera.jpg
Otile Brown with the curvaceous Vera.

Otile claimed that beyond the body and media stories we get about her, Vera is a tender, loving and caring woman who is very intelligent. Mmmmh….

Some of Brown’s hits include: Imaginary Love, Kistaarabu, Pakate, Alivoyonipenda, Shujaa Wako, Chagua la Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione, Everything, Tamu Sana, Dejavu, Aacha Waseme, Hello, Basi and others. This is no mean achievement considering the challenges he had gone through to breakthrough into the music industry since his first recording in 2012. The quality of his songs, the message and the delivery make Brown sell as a brand, and his limelight is not in vain. He has done collaborations alongside with Kaligraph, Sanaipei Tande and King Kaka. Otile still inspires to do a collabo with Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz and Nameless.

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