TECHIE’S TAKE: The Future in Mobile Technology & Devices.

Technology is advancing fast, and our mobile phones are a clear indication of where we are headed. Recalling the massive ancient gadgets that had many limitations we carried back in the day, the present day seems to be but a dream. No one could have imagined, save for Steve Jobs that we would have beautiful touch sensitive gadgets that became part of our lives. Presently we are all enjoying wonderful AI, smooth user interface and applications which make life easier and fun. How will things turn out by 2030, 2050 and even 2100? A look at the iconic iPhone X is but a peek into the future.

The smart devices we have now and the technologies we are enjoying now will fade and pave way to more advanced and flexible devices that are wearable, more mobile and that allow faster access to the internet, information and augmented reality. The 5G network will be far be better than the current 3G used by most networks. It would ensure faster transmission and receipt of data and multi-media, better power management on mobile devices batteries. The AI will also be better and more enhanced, especially with the interactive speech translation and communication.

The Future Mobile devices.jpg

Large slates of Glass.

Over the years, mobile devices have increasingly moved from small, button controlled devices to large, touch based slates with awesome display and UI. At the rate we are moving, there are possibilities of having glass slates that do not have buttons but all display capabilies at the back and front. The UI are getting more streamlined and virtual assistant getting more refined. The outcome could be more virtual reality and less cumbersome processes when accessing or processing information.

3D Holographic projections

The concepts and myths on projected images from our mobile screen will be made a reality. Presently, advancement in technology have enabled sharper resolutions. 3D and holographic imaging is the next big thing, and would be a reality in the next few years. The 3D Holographic projections would be amazing and a wonderful interactive experience for users. I am imagining using 3D projections on Google Maps and or checking out a new product on the virtual market such as Jumia before purchasing. This is something I am really keen on experiencing.3D Holographic projections.jpg

Remote Charging

Smartphones have been awesome, but one downside is their need for frequent charging, hence need for a reliable power source. Mobile phone developers have continuously worked on solutions on the same, with many smartphones having the power saving modes and fast charging capabilities. The wireless charging is also another option, but the challenge of battery capacity still persists. There are now advanced plans to introduce nano-batteries which would guarantee longer usage of phones without always seeking for recharging. The hydrogen fuel cells and solar power is a powerful, sustainable solution to frequent power charging, and combining these with wireless power charging would surely something to smile about in the long-run.

Phone Recognition

Phones have increasingly become important part of our lives, with people stroing in them important private information. As such, security concerns have increased over time, with the need to have measures of ensuring peoples information and access to their privacy is secured. Mobile devices have been developed with more security enhancements including the finger print and iris scanners, voice and even face recognition. Enhanced facial recognition is more specific and detailed, and as a security feature on the smartphones, would form a stronger bond with the users. Phone recognition would certainly not only pick your facial features for access, but would associate with you through voice, typing pattern, voice and other mannerisms. The AI is just getting better.

Social interactions

Mobile technology is taking over our social lives and influencing our human interactions. Facebook for example has become integral in human social lives, and is driving communication and interactions globally. Through the smart phones in our hands, we pass and get information on the go, and the cameras and videos make distant places and experiences seem just a distance away. The social media platforms have continuously become reliant to human existence, and the trend will continue, even as virtual reality takes center stage.

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