MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: In the Pursuit of Happiness.

Being always happy in a world full of challenges and disappointments is virtue and strength in itself. Most of the times, instead of enjoying life and celebrating our victories and looking forward to opportunities ahead, we look back at the mistakes, failures and life misses we had in the past. Regrets give birth to sadness and sourness of what would have been. Unfortunately, this eats away our joy and kills whatev8er happiness we could have on ourselves.

Happiness in itself is something beautiful, and we could sustain it for a hour, day and or certainly a longer period of time, it would a wonderful experience for us. Even though we seek perfection and favor and gain in everything we do, life in itself is full of imperfections. Regretting and trying to change things we cannot undo denies us the very joy and happiness we pursue.

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I realized that it is all in the mindset. Changing our perceptions about life and attitudes towards issues around us could yield more positive living. Good days result to happiness, whereas bad days give experiences and important lessons of life. Always, seek to build on the memories of days that bring joy to you, and live a life of gratitude. Commit yourself to do good things towards yourself and others.

Listen and love yourself because you are good enough. We are all not perfect, and should learn to forgive ourselves for the mistakes and missteps in life, and we learn. Accept yourself as you are as you work on being a better person and eventual success. As you go on your life journey, remove people who always put you down, and are negative towards you. Work along with people who see the potential in you and help you into becoming a better person, rather than those who make you feel miserable and vulnerable always.

Health is important towards being happy, and that means a good diet and exercise should not be missed. Make your life orderly, with simple tasks such as a well laid schedule for the day, specific goals to accomplish, neat desk and even a well spread bed give you more control and a pleasant environment to live in. As such, we should embrace a simple, workable orderly life. Wherever it allows, find some sunshine and fresh air into your body, it amazingly boosts your mood. You are worth a lot, and as such when buying things for yourself, go for the best with no reservations.

Habits to develop so as to be happy consistently
As career people in demanding professions, getting a balance of life and being happy are luxuries most wish for. You can end up high on the ladder of your career but a slave to work with no work balance. Many times, the bank account may be smiling and healthy, but the individual is all beat up. As our sages said: money cannot buy happiness, especially in healthy and real relationships with people, family and experiences in life. There are certain habits which if adopted could push you towards a more fulfilled and happy life.

  • Wake up early and work out your planned day. Waking up early enables you have a head start ahead of the hustles and pressures of the day. You are better placed to stay super focused and achieve your goals in time, before your power juice and motivation run out. It requires discipline, and certainly the good habit would pay off.
  • Always make it a habit to exercise daily and maintain a healthy body. Consistent exercising enables good flow of blood and hormonal balance, as it boosts your appetite and enables your body muscles take up the day’s tasks. A dash through the woods early in the morning, the breathing in of fresh air and breaking of sweat down the brow and the back is good to get you in a good mood for a swing at the day.
  • Work is good, but at times, just disengaging and seeking renewal rejuvenates you into more productivity. Finding time to disengage, relax and reflect at the day is healthy to the body and mind. This way, you find balance and solutions to issues easier, and as such have a control mechanism from anxiety, burn outs and getting overwhelmed with work.
  • Always find time to help others out. It is refreshing and makes you feel good stepping out of your way and offering solutions to others. Seeing others grow, progress and move from a point they were stuck gives a good feeling, especially when you had a hand in their development. You feel good, resourceful and others too would help out with your course, where need arises.
  • Develop the habit of always jostling and challenging your mind, with learning new skills wherever possible. Take up new challenges and take the opportunity to focus on learning something new, especially taking up something from scratch to being an expert on the matter. Many times, these could make you always to be looking forward to new challenges, and diversifying your expertise and exposure.
  • Winning is good, and it gives one a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Make it a habit to set goals and work towards winning challenges that come your ways or finding solutions to problems in your line of work. Develop multiple ways to win every day to avoid disappointments and always work towards accomplishing something every day. Wins, no matter how small have of rubbing some glow on you, and a smile.

Developing this habits and being consistently happy is work in itself. As we admire people who are always happy and charming, we too can be agents who radiate warmth and attract other people towards us. Working consciously on ourselves towards happiness is a good thing, and discovering the secrets to it could be life changing. Who would not want to be around someone who is always calms, happy, joyous no matter the circumstances?

In BEYOND LIMITS, Pepe Minambo quoted this Prayer of the Wiseman: Dear God, help me change the things that I can. Help me accept those things I cannot change and give me the wisdom to know the difference.

Go on, pursue happiness!

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