Life is beautiful, and the diversity in people and things makes the totality of biodiversity even more interesting. Men use their brains to find food and livelihoods, whereas leopards hunt in solitary and pounce on  their prey with deadly accuracy. Cheetahs, on the other hand rely on their speed to survive the jungle. Lions mighty roars and fearlessness rule the jungle, and even the mighty bull elephants and the ferocious buffaloes bend a knee and give them due royal respect. Sharks rule the oceans, and their jaws are a dread to both man and every beast at the seas. In the skies, the eagles are a beauty to behold, rising high up the mountain ranges, beyond the storms and making missile dives to snatch dazzled prey on the ground. Each animal, and every living thing is uniquely adapted to its survival and living. Behind every living thing and creation on earth, lies a purpose and the hand of its creator to which its meaning it depends on.

What then goes wrong, with life so well patterned by the Creator? Living a compromised life is really deflating for any man. With life so full of promise and opportunities, settling for lives less than we deserve, and letting others determine our destinies is wrong. In his book, Beyond Limits, Pepe Minambo established that for any man, the day they were born, the day they discovered why they were born and the day they decided to become everything they were born to be are the three most important days in their lives. Sadly, although we all know what we ought to be in life, challenges, setbacks and broken systems limit most of us from raising to the occasion and fulfilling our destinies. The many excuses in life make us miss the mark, and thus we end up living compromised lives. We miss to address the one fundamental question in life: WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE?

Compromised livelihoods are a sham, and stink from unfulfillment and life questions that go begging for answers. A good illustration of consequences of compromised lives could be adopted from the life in the jungle. A little compromise and carelessness could mean sudden death and a meal for another beast that was counting on that chance.  Crocodiles wait in the rivers for prey, and a slip or misstep could mean a sudden carnival for the crocs in the waters. Man, as a creator just like God creates things to be used for certain purposes, then discarded or stored once that need is attained. A knife was created to cut through material, a belt was created to hold up pants and parts of something, and a pen was created to write for communication. A crooked pen or broken knife would certainly not serve its purpose, and get discarded.

This then boils down to our lives as humans. We were all created to serve a purpose. Humanity is blessed with such abundance of talents, abilities and potential that God must always be scratching his head of what humanity could do if all of us just fitted perfectly to our purpose and used our naturally gifted and acquired skills to fulfill our potential. When we serve our purpose, in our right zones, we certainly get celebrated and cherished for our contribution and resourcefulness. However, when one works and lives out of their purpose zone, the world sadly tolerates them. You put in so much effort, but the results are disappointing. It would give no joy to work somewhere where people look down on you, and your efforts are not even considered. You matter even less, and become dispensable…


This then boil down to understanding the law of purpose. The law established that as humans, we need to do and be what we were created for. We live on earth to experience life and awaken our real selves. Using our talents and abilities, we need also to follow our passions and becoming the best you can be. When we do not do what we were created for and go against the law of purpose, we become causalities of life. If we all embrace the law of purpose, the universe will agree with us and we will flow along on the river of life. Going against the law will have us hitting rock bottom and conflicts with flows of life. Compromises of doing things which seem simple and easy, rather than pursuing purpose and eventual greatness leads to failure in life.  Living a life of eating crumbs of life and left overs is indeed a shame compared to a life of greatness, build on a strong foundation of fulfilled purpose.

Albert Eisten well illustrated the law of purpose, using a fish. He stated that everybody is a genius. However, it would be wrong to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, because it would live and waste its whole life believing it is stupid. Fish are naturally adapted to live in water as their habitat. It would be really a wasted, bitter, regretful and miserable and compromised life for fish to prefer climbing trees compared to swimming in water. Monkeys find it really fun to climb trees and jump from one tree to another. They were created for the trees. Unfortunately, many times, most of us because of the broken education systems, wrong foundations and life situations have made us become clowns, taking tasks that compromise our destinies.



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