WORKING ON THE DREAM: Sammy ‘Rescued’ Waweru

We first met Sam some months ago when he attended a church service at Royal Family Celebration Church (Zimmerman) alongside with his wife. He was later presented with an opportunity to perform on stage as a visiting artist and he gave us some sweet gospel rap, which with support we believe he could get some airplay and be propelled forward on his creative journey. We took the initiative to know him more and hear his story, as he plans to get himself into a full musical career. We engaged him in a constructive conversation so as to get to know him better and his big dreams as an artist. Apparently, he is on his own, and looks to get a established recording studio (stable) for recording and managing his music, build his brand, make headlines with gospel albums that have strong Christian messages and his signature electrifying stage performances.

This is how it went down.

Caveman: Hello. Good to meet you up. Kindly introduce yourself and formally tell us more about yourself.

Sam: Hello. My official name is Sammy Njuguna Waweru, but I prefer my stage name ‘Rescued’. I am 27 years old Kenyan, born in Heshima and grew in Heshima Estate (Nakuru) and schooled in Upperhill High School, Nakuru. I am currently living at Zimmerman, in Nairobi.

Rescued 3
Rescued with Mr. Wonderz, in a collabo for the Narudi Tena. Photo credit: Courtesy

Caveman: What is your profession?

Sam: I am a businessman here in Nairobi. I am in the clothes business and own several stalls which enable me earn my bread, support my family and my music. However, music is my passion and I want to take it to the next level with full time commitment in production and performing to audiences. It is just a matter of time.

Caveman: What hobbies, interests and activities you love partaking?

Sam: I love singing, listening to gospel songs, watching movies and seeking out adventure. I also love being around people who add value to my life. On the other hand, I dislike fake people who pretend and are neither loyal nor truthful.

Caveman: What book(s) are you currently reading?

Sam: Secret Power by D.L.MOODY

Caveman: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Sam: I am looking forward to be the best performing Gospel artist in Kenya and East Africa.

Caveman: Why do you do what you do?

Sam: I do what I do to bring food on the table and get to know people.

Rescued 4
Inset: Rescued & Mr. Wonderz, up-coming Gospel artists. Photo Credit:Courtesy

Caveman: What really inspires you?

Sam: The word of God and its mysteries inspire me to what to know more and also influence other people to have a stronger relationship with God.

Caveman: Who do you look up to for motivation in terms of personality, influence and success so that you too can hit the mark?

Sam: T.D Jakes. He has achieved a lot and has also impacted on many lives globally through the word of God.

Caveman: What projects are you currently embarked on your entrepreneurial/creative journey and what milestones do you wish to reach within what timelines?

Sam: I am currently working on production of my recorded songs, Nitashinda and Narudi Tena. I am looking forward to do several collabos with re-known artist to reach out to bigger audiences and expose my personal brand on to larger masses for greater impact. Already, I have received good feedback on Narudi Tena which I collabo-ed with Mr. Wonders, a long time buddy and lyrical music icon.

Caveman: What style or genre do you major in, by the way?
Sam: My genre is Kapuka but i also do Hip Hop Music.

Caveman: What has been your greatest achievement so far in your life battles?

Sam: God blessed me with a beautiful supportive wife who has stood with me in difficult times and encouraged me on, when I’m almost giving up. I have also recorded two songs so far and working on the video production and official launch later in the year. Life is full of promise.

Rescue with Grace, his beautiful wife at a past function in RFCC, Zimmerman Photo by Lewis Wafula, Caveman+ Media

Caveman: What advice would you give the youths in school and institutions of higher learning concerning their dreams and life ambitions?

Sam: Focus on their dreams, include God in their lives, avoid peer pressure and bad influence which corrupts their moral character.

Currently, Rescued is embarked on producing videos for his two debut singles as he builds up his album. You can see some of his productions online on You Tube Channel: MC Rescued. You can follow his stories and interact it with him online on social media platforms.

Facebook: Rescued Waweru.

Twitter: @Rescued Waweru

He needs all the support and ideas as he builds up on his creative journey. To know more about Rescued and support his music career, you can reach him on his mobile cell phone: (+254) 705 782 926.

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