MOTIVATION MONDAY: The joy of Winning.


It has been an incredible journey for the Manchester City football club, as they finally clinched the 2017-2018 EPL Championship. They deserved the coveted cup and cash awards, especially looking at the way they played, the points they have gained and startling statistics that proved their position at the top was no fluke. They  did their homework, worked as a team and fought for every result they attained. Against equally good teams, Man City played most of the EPL Campaign unbeaten save for a few defeats that came later in the second part of the season, as they amassed massive points. As the curtains of the entertaining English Premier League close, Man City have hauled home 94 points, scored 102 goals in 36 games. Out of the 36 games played, the won 30 games. drew 4 and lost 2 games only, against hard fighting and formidable opponents in Liverpool (UCL contenders) and Man U (FA Cup contenders).

The good results could be summarized by a number of records:

  • top 2 assist providers in Kevin de Bruyne (Belgium) and Leroy Sane (Germany)
  • 28 consecutive unbeaten games in top flight football (all competitions)
  • 30 games win in EPL

The winning mentality, passionate team spirit, consistency and competitiveness shown by the Man City team certainly provides a good base to refer to when building our own teams and pushing to get desired results. Everyone has a critical role to play to achieve to bigger goals. The beautiful football they displayed was too good even for rival teams and supporting fans what with the goalkeeping, strong defending, marshaling of the midfield and fast, precise and scintillating attacks defined their typical game. It was usually too much for opposing teams who got overwhelmed and fought for draws or reduce goals scored to avoid embarrassing final result margins.

Certainly, their flair and display of football should be emulated by teams and individuals to fight for a commendable ending. Everyday is a fight, but a winning mentality and good preparation bring in good results. It is good to be above average, but it is better to be top quality, committed, giving your all, and being consistent in getting your results. Even when Man City lost in the 2 games against Man United and Liverpool, their resilience and fight back to regain control and change the final result usually left us all at the edge of our seats, as they fought to the end.

Winning is beautiful, and many times we forget the people who make it happen. Pep Guardiola, a winning coach and leader is undisputed good in his team and player management. Whatever he did or said really got City going and brought the best performance out of some players, like Walker, De Bruyne, Silva and Sterling. All the beautiful display of attacking football and domination of games was the typical masterstroke of the genius mind of Pep, and he inspired, and pushed the boys to deliver good results and some silverware. Credit must be given to such people in our lives, who push us to do our best. Man management means falling out at times with the bosses in disagreements and being whipped into line to get things properly done. These men, like Mourinho wield the whip and and are merciless when it come to getting their troops to get best of results.

Winning is sweet, but it comes after work, tears and blood. If it is worth it, fight for it! Nothing is ever guaranteed. To win it, you must deservedly fight for it with honour.  In the view of the competitive English Premier League, and the eventual winners, it could said  that:


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