MOTIVATION MONDAY: The Sacrifices today for the Greater Good tomorrow.

It is back to school again, after the Easter Holidays and parents, guardians, sponsors and responsible adults have the task of getting their children and dependents back to various learning institutions. I used to take it for granted what this huge responsibility bore to my parents until I started figuring out the math, as the responsibilities settled on my shoulders upon becoming of age. The modern education system is very demanding, and it costs every penny for the children, from kindergarten all the way to university to get quality education. Paying the ever increasing school fees, paying for food and shopping, accommodation and upkeep is all too demanding for parents.

Back to school: Illustration by Lewis Wafula I Caveman+ Media

The parents, guardian and responsible adults have other responsibilities, other than just school fees and the upkeep of those who look up to them.Mortgages and numerous loans have to be services. Shambas have to be tilled and planting of crops done, especially this rainy season. Businesses need more capital injection, plus some shock absorbing emergency funds in the risky business environment. Uncertainties surround us, and you never know when an accident, traffic police, kanjo or other unfortunate events will knock at your door.

Therefore, as the person standing in the gap and making endless sacrifices to ensure people eat, go to school, live comfortably under a roof and get the assurance to face the day, you are the real heroes. Many may not say it, but hundreds of destinies get unlocked by the well intended efforts and courageous steps steps you take to fight for the livelihood of others. For the kids, children and those who depend on others so as to face the day, appreciation and thanksgiving are virtues that should never depart from your lips and or hearts. A simple, sincere and deep felt thank you to a parent; who ensures your school fees and needs are met, who stands to support you through the years when you are too innocent and most vulnerable to life is more than anyone could ask for. For all good deeds, the small things we do that go unnoticed, the many sacrifices that those we sacrifice for never seem to appreciate, God sees and answers our prayers.

It takes a lot of maturity to do good to others, and God surely opens up new doors for provision and gives us favor in our endeavors to fave the day and be victorious in our fights. It is not easy, but the joy that comes from life’s victories: a son graduating from school with honors, a daughter finally getting married, an orphan after selfless support from sponsors and well wishers finally succeeds in life to be a someone; and children getting back to their elderly parents with smiles in their faces, joy in their hearts and destinies unlocked: NOW THAT IS VICTORY TO PARENTS. In life, there is no greater fulfillment.

Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.

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