KREATIVE KORNA: The Dep. Governor Vain Stance on the Kakamega Bust.

When Deputy Governor for Lungona*, His Excellency Manyasi Fungututi* left home for Kakamega, his mind was full of thought what was to come in the Governor’s Convention, in Kakamega Town. It has been a busy first quarter of the year, and there were multiple meetings and projects to preside over, which usually gave him very little time with his young family. His beautiful wife Angelina and son Otonglo meant a lot to him, especially since taking office. Angelina, a high school principal was supportive and understanding to him, sacrificing many times to join him in public meeting, and hosting guests in their home in Webuye. Otonglo took up after, and had a curious mind and inquisitive character to know things beyond his tender years. He would make a good investigative lawyer, people always joked but Fungututi saw him grow into an actuary. He had wanted so much to be an actuary himself, but resources and 1 mark in high school made him miss the cut, and settle into being a statistician and economist. He prayed that his dreams be fulfilled in his son.

Illustration by Lewis Wafula I Caveman+ Media

The 3 day Convention in Kakamega was fully paid for by the County government, along with a hefty allowance. Kakamega Golf Hotel was a good place for a high level meeting, and meet ups with the elite for both business and pleasure. Considering it was end month, his salary was already processes and accessible through both Mpesa and Family Bank ATM. His other businesses finally had brought in some good revenues, and he was in a good frame of mind, with excesses of Ksh. 50 Million in his hands. He felt powerful, and his cheer seemed to influence his driver and bodyguards, who soon joined in his unusual chatter and wise cracks. He always kept a cool demeanor, and was always serious and quiet, save for moments it was necessary to smile and be nice, out of courtesy.

The shiny black Mercedes Benz E220 CDI Elegance (2005), his favorite among the fleet of his cars chewed the 49.5km road all the way the to Kakemega Golf club at a record 30 minutes tops, cruising at an average of 160 km/hr. The road was smooth and the German engine purred all the way, responding well to the touches and controls of Wangamati, the experienced petrol head Fungututi personally picked. Before upon commencing his duties officially as the official driver for Deputy Governor, Lugona County, He had been Hon. Moody Awori’s personal driver, before resigning due to personal commitments, but was up and ready for the county job. Even as Wangamati enjoyed himself behind the wheel of the recently serviced German machine, Fungututi was busy responding to calls and social media chats, other than the occasional chit-chat. The Whatsapp notification from Atieno Wilbroda Atieno: a witty, charismatic, eloquent, and generously endowed Webuye West Ward MCA got him very distracted, and strangely excited at the same time. She was something else, this wild one…

On arrival to famed Kakamega Golf Club, His Excellency the Dep. Governor Manyasi Fungututi was ushered into the expansive and well-manicured compound into his equally impressive hotel. He would be spending the next 3 days here, as he represented Lungona County, alongside with the Governor himself and other representatives chosen from across the county; from MCAs, Senators and key county government personnel. Rested, fully suited and equipped with his iPad, the Convention’s Briefs, Business Planner and notebook, he walked out to the pitched giant tent, where the main event was planned to be held. Most of the other dignitaries invited guests had arrived on time for commencement of the Governor’s Convention, and everyone looked upbeat for the event, to iron out pending issues and find solutions to the many challenges that faced the county governments.

On the second day, after hours of official business, Atieno asked Fungututi for some time to discuss important matters regarding her Webuye West Ward, while relaxing away from the demands of the political juggles and serving the ever needy public. Other than business, she was a family friend too, having being to his house on numerous occasions, and gave him unprecedented supported in social gatherings He gave it some thought, and finally gave in. This was a worthy risk. Together, they drove off in his Mercedes Benz to a more private and subtle location for a private night out. Atieno, or simply Awa as Fungututi liked to refer to her seemed to know her way around town having being a student of Masinde Muliro University. She guided him to Kakamega Shenywe Hotel, and up to the VIP section. He was not a night person, but sudden boyhood enthusiasm and the excitement for adventure took over him, and he was committed to provide a good audience to the wild, exuberant and bubbly superwoman beside him. There was something about her mannerism that got Fungututi completely compelled to her mysterious feminine aura…

That night, one thing led to another and beyond his strongest resistance not to have an extra-marital affair, he was hell-bent to break that taboo. He had her up close, and she had him up-close that ever before. She looked up into his eyes, and he noticed her softness and vulnerability as a woman. Beyond the showiness and bossiness in front of her constituents, and work; she was the most adorable and sweet woman he had ever met. She laughed at his jokes, responded to his advances, and eagerly invited him for the kill. She said she loved him and wanted him. Her marriage to her husband was forced and arranged. Everything else mattered less, and all he wanted that night was to lay her and satiate his wild desires that were on the overdrive. He booked the room, paid cash under a pretentious name and up they went and down to business they busied themselves. As they wrestled against each other, they made the loudest noises of two adults lost in ecstasy ever heard in the hotel over the recent years.

Later that night, hours to daybreak as the two were enjoying a well anticipated ‘Morning Glory’, the two were rudely awakened from their warm , sweet locked dance by the banging and opening of the hotel room door and binding lights being turned on. Right there, to their shocked and dazed naked pair, stood Bobbi Abdul, Atieno’s millionaire husband, camera in hand. The drama that unfolded will forever be etched in Fungututi’s mind. Awa, ever confrontational rose up and rained blows on her poor husband who had caught her cheating, calling him all sort of names and claimed he was such a weakling, compared to the beast she found in Fungututi. The Deputy Governor was beside himself, knowing this would be breaking news and as a public figure, it would ruin his reputation and break his young family. Always a fast thinker, he devised a cunning scheme that would overturn the whole scandal into a fabricated story of people out to destroy his good reputation. He first ensured that the hotel management shushed about the whole incidence, forking out Ksh.5, 000,000 to the effect.

That evening, as Angelina settled down to watch the news, she was shocked to see her shame-faced, hairy chested husband and a wild looking, bed sheet clad woman on the screen. Her son was there too, and to her shock, she identified the woman as Aunty Atieno, the charismatic MCA who always supported her husband and was an ever present figure in all his meetings and county social gatherings. Apparently, the news had gathered storm in the social platforms that evening. She was not a Facebook person, and preferred real news on established media houses to rumors and fabrications from news mongers like Cyprian Nyakundi and all idle attention seeking bloggers. Meanwhile, Fungututi, surrounded by lawyers and supporters, set up a media briefing and denied all evil stories regarding him having an affair with a married MCA woman. He claimed he was drugged and forced in a compromising position with the MCA, who was drugged too. The person behind the whole ordeal was her estranged husband who could not meet his marital obligations, and was jealous of his rich, beautiful and outgoing wife. He had come with goons and roughened him up, and allegedly claiming Sh. 10 million from him.

As things quieted down, money was quickly changing hands. The truth was shushed, and people went back to their busy normal lives. Even Angelina was confused on whom to belief. Publicly, she stood with her husband, but deep down, she resented that after all her sacrifices, this man still slept with another woman. But men will always be men. He knew he had wronged her, and worked hard to correct that mistake. Deep down for Fungututi, he would not mind having Atieno as second wife. She was something, that woman…He was weighing his options, and bidding time on the next step.

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