MOTIVATION MONDAY: Life always Moves on, keep Walking!

Pepe Minambo, in his book BEYOND LIMITS said : ‘Life goes on, with no pause button. It has no limits, as it flows on everyday. Whether you drift along or not, it does not matter.’ These words got me in deep thinking on some of the issues we go through life, and excuses we make for not doing what we were purposed to do. That no matter what happens to you: whether you die, lose it and stop; life it just moves on. New businesses are being opened up, weddings are happening, women are getting pregnant and new babies are being born, new technological devises are hitting the market, new graduates are pouring into the employment market hungry for jobs, new cities are being developed and some people are finally hitting the millionaire-billionaire mark! As some die, old and weary, new born spring forth with gusto, eager to walk their on their unbeaten paths.

Typical jams in Nairoi that depict issues of life as we live along.

Picture these unfortunate life situations: You just lost your job, but someone else just landed you just landed a dream job. You have just lost a big contract. A loved one just died, from a tragic accident; or after long costly treatment. You have just divorced due to differences and cheating by your spouse. You are yet to come to terms with exactly what happened. We go through these painful experiences in life, and probably few close friends know of it. Whereas we celebrate the good things in life, posting on Facebook and social media platforms, as our ‘friends’ want to come celebrate our victories and joy, sudden tribulations and trials see us alone,pushed to the corner feeling sad, bitter and sometime angry.

This catapulted me to realize that life is life, and we need to adjust our mind sets, take up our rightful positions and timings to exploit opportunities that come our way and manage calamities the best way we can. With the acceptance of the realities in our lives from our own experiences and those of others, we need to be smarter and shrewd in our approach to life. Get smarter everyday. Develop new skills to face the problems that are in your life and those that may come your way. You also need timely wisdom, in this turbulent  times we live in.

Do not wish it was easier. Wish you were better. Do not wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Do not wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.

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