ACTIVATED: A Commanded Morning [Psalms 121].

Thank you God for giving us a new day, week and month. As we wake up to face the day, we trust in you Lord knowing our help comes not from our work, material things, relationships with men or anythings else; but you. You created the heavens and earth, and put us to dominate and be fruitful. Today, perfect that which concerns me.  Your word says that you will not suffer for my foot to be moved. You who keeps me will not slumber.


Indeed Lord, keep me safe and stable, to earn my daily bread; and to grow and expand in my right position. Let my works and positioning in life give glory unto you. Your assurance that you neither sleep nor slumber give me the confidence that you daily and jealously watch over me. You know my goings and coming, you have good thoughts concerning me, oh yes they are countless, like thousands upon thousands Of all sands grains on earth.

The Lord indeed is my keeper, he preserves my life from attacks of the enemy and arrows shot against me. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I shall not be afraid, for sure His wings cover me. I return back to sender any curses, words chanted on evil altars against my life and well being. I will dwell in His secret place, where there is life, peace and prosperity. 

In His secret place, God puts a shades over me; shading me from attacks of the enemy and elements which for sure will bring me to quick death. The forces around me may be strong and adverse, but God is stronger, and that is why I  make Him my  refuge and fortress. As I go about my daily endeavors, I have this confidence: that God will preserve and bless my going and coming, for now and evermore. I will work hard, diligently and purposefully. I will find favor before God and men today, as He blesses to get my daily bread.

His joy will be my portion and strength.



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