SUNDAY SERMON: Maintain your Rightful Position

It is important to take and maintain our rightful places in life, no matter the situation. Someone would for sure take your place if you are wrongly positioned. Wrongly placed and positioned, you connect to wrong things. When you lose your place in God, your eyes  see and mind connect to other things not meant for your destiny. You begin to yearn for things that are not meant for you. Satan takes cue, and will lead you to where he will destroy you. David paid dearly when a moment of passion and recklessness brought calamity in his otherwise illustrious life as anointed king and undisputed warrior in Israel.

Bathsheba bathing
King David was all over Bethsheba, when he saw her bathing from his roof. (Illustration adopted for post).

In a nutshell, this is summarized in the illicit affair Kind David got entangled with Uriah’s en-strangled wife, Bathsheba, as provided in 2 Sam 11. King David was supposed to be at the battlefield, leading his army against the invading armies. David saw Bathsheba and lust overtook his straight thinking. He was fully aware of his audacious and wicked actions in his carnal mind as he schemed on how to make Bathsheba his conquest. It was wrong positioning for David not to be at the war commanding his soldiers, but instead his was idling at his palace. It was wrong for David to long after someone’s else wife, and pursue her relentlessly despite having a whole harem at his disposal.

David, in his adulterous action of laying with Bathsheba weakened his own battle ground. Indeed, as stated in Ecc 10:8 , when one breaks through a wall will be bitten by the snake. David soon got a taste of the poison he had allowed into his life. Despite Uriah’s commitment to fight and win the battle for David and Israel, David was hell bent to destroy him so as to hide his own iniquity. He schemed the death of Uriah, whose innocent blood came back to haunt David. God was displeased with the whole abominable acts done by David. His wrath soon came against Kind David and his family, and calamity befell his family (2 Sam 12).

How may times do we sin, not knowing the implications the sins have to our children and generation. David’s act, though done in secret and covered up in the death of Uriah, was brought out in public through the calamities that befell David. His own son laid with his own sister. Son raised against son and killed each other. His son shamed David for laying with his women in public for all to Israel to see. Even David himself was not spared, as his own advisors advised his sons to oust him from power. The child he begot with Bathsheba died.

Seeking out the Lord, and finding the discipline to be rooted in your rightful place is better than reckless,unstable living. Maintain your rightful place and be established, as you become a blessing to your generation and an encouragement to others. God, through his prophet Nathan confronted David and said: ‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more…’ God was willing to add more to David, if he asked. Instead, his wild passions and wrong positioning almost brought his elevated status to nothing. Examine your ways, and re-confirm your positioning.

Adapted from Sunday sermon on 15.04.2018 at RFCC, composed and posted by Lewis Wafula.

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