PERSONS OF INTEREST: Kisumu’s finest Creative Band Kenya (CBK)

Creative Band Kenya (CBK) is a 3 men music band based in Kisumu City, Kenya. The trio met at a Poetic Hour event, and thereafter the Umbrella (a talent company) approached them to assist refine their musical skills. Eventually, after a year or so, they decided to create the CBK and started performing in gigs. They all write songs and practice on various approaches to make their music better through dance, vocals and musical instruments.


The CBK Music Band: Blou with guitar, and other members in collabo song with Collo.

Within 2 years since their debut in Kenya music and showbiz, CBK have quickly scaled the heights to fame. ‘Siro‘, their debut song was the hit that brought them into limelight and eventual breakthrough into the music scene. The song, inviting ‘Ciru’ (Kikuyu) from central Kenya to the lakeside city of Kisumu had a strong message on co-existence between tribes in Kenya invitation to Kisumu to tour its beautiful historical and natural sites.

CBK is made up of 3 gentlemen with strong vocals and music prowess. They are Patrick Allan Omondi (aka Blou)-the lead guitarist, Alex Ogolla (Papa Aleki), and Stanley Otieno (Zdano). The group is managed by Bovince. With a strong fan base and brand recognition in Kisumu, the group has managed to win accolades and support nationally, with great performances in corporate and social functions.

The band is still at a tender stage in its creative journey, compared to established bands such as H_art the B and SAUTI SOL. CBK major most of the performances on the Contemporary Africa Benga style, with several singles released from their bubbling creativity and real life music compositions. Other than Siro, CBK have released Unapendeza, Rasukha Murwe, whose video is well done, and currently Who You Know. They have also collaborated with Collo in One Day.

We look forward to great music and performances from them as they refine their style of music and hopefully get mega sponsorship to tour East Africa and the world, promote their brand and do more collabos with re-known artists.

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  1. Tobias Lugendo says:

    wish to join the crew,,,, av got a feeling that I do some regea music


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