KREATIVE KORNA: The Mystical Bam Bam

Deep in the African jungle,
the villagers gathered:
Mumbles and chatter filled up the concealed cleared up area;
Restlessness pushed and pulled the crowd in uneasiness
as they gathered around, a big crowd of all ages
all dressed in bright colors, from black to rainbow.
The mood was tight, falsely quiet
and as nerves settled, the carnivorous wits slowly took reign
As sweet booze flowed;
and and weed smoke clouded the air
numbed minds and stirred up their spirits within for the action to come.
Then, like ghosts
They emerged from the thicket.
A hush was called for from a mysterious booming voice
and hush-hush the crowd obliged, as every thing went quiet,
save for the wind songs on the leaves and chatter of the wild beings.
At the 1st beat of the Bam Bam got all ears cocked
Hearts beat faster
and the feet of men and women braced for what was to come.
all things were dropped
’cause then this was it, the moment
a lifetime event of the Mystical Bam Bam held after every 50 years .
The 2nd deep beat that thundered from the drum
caused the crowd to gasp in silence.
A husky hoarse voice asked: “Muli reti bana va Mayi?”
The crowd promptly replied in chorus: “Talandisya yaya khualindile kimiaka poh!”
Few were still alive when the last crowd witnessed the Mystical dance
but most heard juiced and salted versions of the stories
all imagined and exaggerated,
but nothing could beat a raw dose of being there
and see it all live.
african dancer man muscled

At the 3rd beat,
Louder and closer it seemed
Got the fast beating hearts stop beating
and breath held back
as sudden darkness engulfed the jungle,
save for the fires that lit up suddenly from the torches around the cleared up area
A wave rumbled through the valley, shook the very grounds
picked up momentum and kaboom!
catapulted everyone from the ground to a somersault flat…
Then, quiet.
It was the sharp quick beats of the metallic Ting Ting
that got the floored crowd back to their feet,
all but mystified by the unfolding events.
The 4th Bam Bam beat got back the fire lights on
and the dazzled crowd gasped,
still shaken from the earth sudden shake.
There right in front of them
Right in the middle of the gathering;
strong, stout and sturdy as a buffalo bull
tall, dark and patronizing…
Stood the Bam Bam Master, bestowed indeed as a Kanyalikha King;
and around him four darkly, young and beautiful African princesses
and four full bodied, well muscled, heavy chested,
chiselled and perfectly sculptured handsome princes.
It was indeed a sight to behold.
They filled the space
absorbing every light and life
hypnotizing every soul in the gathering.
A sudden mysterious force grasped every soul
and gave them to the command of the Bam Bam Master.
Nothing else moved,
save for the trees that swayed to the wind
pulsating beats of the mixed emotions of the gathering.
and those gifted hands that beat those mystery drums.
The Bam Bam Master
Raised his hand painstakingly slowly into the sky
as his eyes gazed steadily round into the crowd.
The crowd, hypnotized- followed the strong, muscled sword welding hand into the air.
Suddenly, he brought it down in one swift, swishing slash
Getting the crowd jumping out of their skins-
As the Bam Bam exploded into thousand bubbly beats.
Oh, The Mystical Bam Bam
It all began:
the slow, soundless, synchronized dance;
the gyrating of hips, and swift movement of feet and arms by the nimble and flexible princesses
the aggressive jumping, pumping and strong acrobatic moves by the princes;
the male and female Bam Bam dancers,
so noble, nimble and swift
dazzled the gathered crowd
with smooth, sexy and synchronized moves and songs
the sights unfolding seemed like magic,
something so erotic, exotic and exuberant to the present generation.
The adult men and women watched hypnotized
Children just swayed on,
It was too much to find voice to cheer
Men sought their women, each person held another in utter fascination
with overwhelming emotions expressed in tears;
hearts stopped and began running again
Breath was held and exhaled forcibly
The eyes watched and minds recorded every detail,
As the Mystical Bam Bam hit its climax.
Before the dust settled,
Right at the peak of the performance,
when sweat poured from busy bodies
Hips gyrated in a sexy frenzy,
Heads shoulders and backs twisted and turned to the mystical beats
bodies jumped, pumped and humped…
the 6th Bam Bam beat fell
Suddenly cutting it all shot-
The mesmerizing dancers, alongside their Bam Bam Master,
with each beat of the Tan Tan,
stepped back and out into the darkness
and melted away as mysteriously as they had appeared.
By the time the crowd found their wits and tongue,
to cheer and let out their overwhelmed emotions;
It was long after midnight,
The moon was full, alive and alight,
Witnessing with a grin,
of the confusion below.
It will be again long 50 years in waiting.

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