MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Raring to go Beyond.

A shot with Pato: Caveman

Yesterday, I met a friend of mine in church. He had been away for sometime in the US. He came back looking good. He had re-united back with his family, and it was awesome to them together again. The spark of the whole experience emanates from the fact that he had been out there working on something and getting a whole of different perceptive of things and exposure. Different culture, people and lifestyles. He has not struggled, but has fought this way through to get to his point and there is something awesome he is working on. God willing, we will hear his story in a big way. I found inspiration standing there with him and sharing moments with him. Whatever he is working on is what I am chasing back here in Kenya. He is creative, a wonderful MC and Gospel musician whose star is bright, and I am sure he will shine on lives of many, as he builds himself up.

This moment made me ponder for a while and think loud, asking:

‘How would you love your story to be?

Where would you want to be in the next 5 years?

What kind of reception would you want when you meet people who knew you some years back?’

‘How have you positioned yourself for the opportunities that come your way?’

Pepe Minambo challenged me in his book BEYOND LIMITS, and I pose the same challenge to you today. We all have potential inside of us, but as we get older it tends to fade away and become a distant dream. Disappointments and constant knee jerks of life make us live compromised lives, as copy cats and bitter souls dreading our very own lifestyles. I failed a couple of times, but I have every reason to keep on raising from the dust, beat away the dust and walk on to see my dream come through. Seeing others achieve, knock on doors until they open or build doors so that they can be knocked by others is inspirational enough to keep trying. Pepe said: ‘To still believe in your dreams when there is no genuine reason to believe in them, to try to push one more time with your hands full of scars and blood of disappointments, miscalculations and failure; to be bold enough to walk on stones barefoot, to be gracious enough to accept defeat and humbly decide again from zero; If you subscribe to this philosophy, then no amount of frustration, delay, setback or loss will ever stand between you and your destiny.’

Be the man your destiny will forever take credit for their good placement in life. Be the person whose vision is exemplary and personality fresh and arousing that others follow you because you give hope, inspiration and fulfillment; whose dreams long since faded. Fight some key life battles now so that your story will encourage others, and your victories will form a basis for your future generation’s exploits. Thinking of this overwhelming list of things to do today, I often get humbled and seek God’s hand. Be an Abraham today, and make that bold step into the unknown with belief and faith.

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