TECHIE’S TECH: Sony’s Smart Glasses

Sony's Eye Glasses.jpg
Photo: Courtesy.

Sony has been known for years for developing awesome high quality electric devises-from home appliance, smartphones, among other gadgets and devises. They are currently in an advanced stage in developing smart glasses that are posed to increase business productivity and reducing errors.

Product Highlights

  • AR eye wear (0.77kg) with a wired controller (0.45kg).
  •  Binocular, see-through monochrome 8-bit display with more than 85% transmittance.
  • Monochrome display [419*138] Monochrome Green
  • 3 MP camera to capture still images, face recognition and video
  • Includes accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor, microphone
  • Speaker .
  • WiFi and  Bluetooth connection to the host Android device.
  • About 150 minutes of normal use.
  • Supports Android 4.4 running devices and above.

The glasses are slimmer compared to the Goggle smart glasses. they have an integrated  screen on the glass lenses. The smart glasses are developed in such a way so as to complement the Android smartphone. They serve as secondary screen to what the smartphone displays on its screen. As such, it displays information right in front of the user. A tiny projector and hologram  display clear green images in the vision of the wearer. Using the unique holographic wavelength technology, images are made to appear projected about 2m away from the viewer. The super thin augmented reality lenses ensure excellent brightness and transparency to display crisp clear view of images, texts and symbols.

On the Sony smart glasses, a camera is mounted on the left hand lens. By the use of an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, overlaying information is captured and displayed to create AR. Using Bluetooth connectivity and WIFI,  android applications can be viewed on the glass lens display. There are a number of android applications still on tests including

  • Wikitude- displays landmarks and location information for the user to look around during navigation
  • Recipe apps
  • Face recognition application that uses the camera. The application would assist the wearer to recognize faces and display names
  • Voice recognition


Wearables on.jpg
The wearable glasses and hand controlled device is use. Photo: Courtesy

A small hand held device is currently being used to control the smart glasses. The device is composed of  a touch strip, microphone for voice recognition and buttons for selecting menus to be displayed. The weight of the battery would have made it awkward to have the device built in the smart glasses, hence developed separately. Also, the touch controls would become both awkward and difficult to use. The issues of the reasonable time the smart glasses could be used by the wearer made Sony to opt for the control separate device that has a large battery that holds [power for longer. As the developers continue to refine the device, applications, display and better battery performance and handling are all being put in consideration.

Using the Sony Smart Eye glasses,  the wearer can navigate and get directions using real time information displayed on the lenses. While watching a game, the wearer can access the names of players in the respective teams and statistics as the game progresses on. On the industrial frontier, the smart glass users can assemble machines and equipment using both hands while getting instruction on their glasses on the step by step procedure.

Sony’s Smart Glasses video shows how the glasses display while in use. Something good to think about. There is a lot features that need to be developed further, but by the time the device is officially on the market, it would definitely be both applicable and usable to both business class and domestic users. Sony is a trusted brand, and we are certain they will deliver  a great product.




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