PERSON OF INTEREST: Gen. Miguna Miguna.


The Debacles around Miguna Miguna’s deportations

It is very heart-wrenching and disheartening to hear and see the mishandling and highhandedness NRM-K’s ‘General’ Miguna Miguna received this last few days. Even the media fell victims of the same! Just recently, he was deported unceremoniously from his mother country, and dumped to Canada were he had stayed for 7 weeks. He was summoned back to Kenya, only to be blocked entry into the country at JKIA, and again deported to Dubai. Seeing the drugged outspoken lawyer, exhausted, injured, drugged and bungled by force from his home speaks volumes of a broken system. Something is not right. Before he was deported to Canada, court orders were issued for him to be brought to court and his case determined. This rules were overruled, only for the big man to be seen on flight en route to Canada. Waking to the news that the general is again offloaded to some foreign country, even when court orders were very clear that he be brought to court and justice served! Something is not right. Who is the strong man behind scenes beating up poor bold and defiant Gn Miguna Miguna? Whose feather’s does he ruffle wherever he appears and speaks?

Who is this man Miguna Miguna

Mr. Miguna Miguna is a a Kenyan with dual citizenship for Kenya and Canada.He was born in Magina Village, Kisumu in 1963. Incidentally, this was the year gained its independence. His strong-headedness and political activism started way back, having got into loggerheads with the Moi regime in the 1980s, and forced to flee to Tanzania; then an undergraduate, University of Nairobi. His abrasive life saw him and be granted political asylum in Canada where he pursued and finished his university education (Political Science and Philosophy). Finding a good platform in Canada, he completed his undergraduate studies in University of Toronto (1990), and pursued law at Osgoode Hall Law School, and got admitted to Ontario Bar (1995). In 2008, he was admitted to the Kenya Bar.

The two memoirs against ‘Baba’

A qualified lawyer by profession, he is a an advocate in the High Court of Kenya. He is also a solicitor and barrister in Canada. A political activist known for his outspokenness, power for word phrases and abrasive, unapologetic brave approach to issues, he is known to have rubbed many big personalities the wrong way. Hon.Raila Odinga, with whom he served as Senior Advisor, then Prime Minister got a back stab when he published his book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya. The book hit at Raila and his legacy in leadership. In 2013, he published his second book: Kidneys for the King: Deforming the Status Quo in Kenya. Wisely, Raila made no comment nor statement against the attacks by Miguna on his personality and legacy. He went ahead to endorse Raila’s rival, now the President of Kenya H.E U.Kenyatta as the ideal candidate in 2013. He vied as an independent candidate for the Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat (2017) where he came short, behind the new Governor Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi (Jubilee), former governor Evans Kidero (ODM) and new contestant Peter Kenneth(Jubilee).

Change of allegiance and stance

After the twists and turns of the last elections in 2017, Miguna Miguna changed his stance against Raila and the opposition, especially after the debacles that characterized the August presidential elections and U. Kenyatta’s alleged wins.His continuous attacks against the despots in the current ruling regime, especially in his columns and media led to his arrest and deportation to Canada. Things boiled over especially after the swearing in of Raila Odinga as ‘People’s President of Kenya’, with him as the self declared and outspoken general of National Resistance Movement-Kenya (NRM-K). TJ Kajwang was also arrested for administering the swearing in, interpreted as capital under the Kenyan constitution. Jimi Wanjigi has already had several run in with police and courts, all in the guise of arresting and arraigning him for supporting Raila’s and the opposition’s justified cause.Others who are targeted or monitored by the government include Governor Joho, John Mbadi, Peter Kaluma, Babu Owino, Simba Arati, George Aladwa, David Ndii, Oduor Ongwen, Koitamet Ole Kina, Norman Magaya, Cleophas Malala, Gladys Wanga, Jimi Wanjigi and a few others.

Miguna Miguna’s case at the Kenya Courts…

Justice Odunga will be issuing a major ruling on the matter concerning Miguna Miguna, especially after several orders to bring him to court and his position ironed and ruled out as per the Kenya Constitution and its interpretation by the learned friends. However, the government top official seem to be defiant on the summons to present Miguna Miguna and themselves in Court for the ruling. They are strongly starting that Miguna Miguna renounced his citizenship as a Kenyan for Canada. How comes then he vied for the gubernatorial seat, and has exclusive rights in Kenya having severed in several high profile positions and enjoyed company with top personalities in Kenya’s elite. also, Miguna Miguna is Kenyan by birth, and his nationality cannot be denied, nor his rights be denied. These are the issues that need proper interpretation, especially with the battery of lawyers representing the government,and those representing Miguna Miguna (most who are in the Opposition) locked in court battles and summons.

Every Kenyan citizen has a right to justice, and as stipulated in the Kenyan Constitution, and Miguna Miguna is no exception. This matter needs to be finalized, once and for all. All those obstructing the law need to be arraigned in court and charged. No one is above the law. If Miguna Miguna is on the wrong, let it be ruled so and the matte settled once and for role. I strongly feel there is someone somewhere pulling strings with the false power bestowed to him, and making all the wrong moves. All the people and institutions being used in these fracas and farce will be fall, the veil will be peeled back, and we will narrow in on the culprit. As it stands, we stand with Miguna Miguna. The fight still continues, General..!

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