SERMON: Distractions in the Life of a Christian

Illustration of Jesus, walking on water rescuing Peter from drowning.

That day Peter, while on the boat with other disciples saw Jesus walking on water (Matt 4:22-23), he climbed out of the boat and placed his feet in the waters. As Jesus walked towards the boat to be with the disciples, Simon Peter walked towards him. His focus was 100%, his faith was strong and his conviction unwavering. Then, somewhere along the way, after the first, second, third step…, he began going down the waters. What happened to this unnatural act by man, even as the the disciples watched in awe? His faith wavered, fear took hold of him and only Jesus saved him from drowning. The strong winds blew over the surface of the water, the waves as they rose and fell against the tide, and sudden fear and doubt clouded his faith in what he was doing that instant, and down into the deep waters he went…Jesus said: ‘Oh you man of little faith…why doubt!

The Walk of life

Have you ever been involved in something or situation,which against all odds you seem to be doing fine until you doubt yourself, your are like: ‘Is this for real?Is this me here and now…?  This is an illustration of how believers lives are. We begin well: with good focus, strong faith but along the way distractions comes along and we lost tract of the bigger picture. The journey of salvation is a tough one, and one needs to be focused to get into heaven. Along the way, temptations and issues of life come like storms to deviate us from the path. In 1 Corinthians 7:35 , Paul comments about focus on worldly things and devotion to God. Distractions, defined as those things that prevent someone from concentrating on something are a big hindrance in the christian walk.  What is it that distracts you?

Parable of the Great Feast

Luke 14:15-24 talks about the Parable of the Great Feast. A good lord prepared a big feast and wanted to share his table with friends. He sent his servant to summon them but each had an issue that prevented him from joining the great master. And this is what happens to most of us, as issues of life distract us from feasting on the Bread of Heaven, from having a communion and fellowship with God. There are those of us who are distracted with our earthly acquisitions, preferring to go check  on our newly constructed houses, newly acquired lands and test our newly bought speedy four wheel cars on the highways when there is no much traffic, especially on Sundays. There are those of  us, newly married or working away from our spouses and families, who choose this day to visit our loved ones and have sweet family time, at the expense of connecting with God. Still, there are those of find who find pleasure in our our little feasts and worldly pleasures to things of God. This distraction cost us a lot in our christian walk.


In Esther 3:1-6 , the bible provides another way distractions in life can bring one from grace to grass, and even death. Haman had found great favour in the presence of the King of Xerxes, and got promoted to a high rank amongst his officials. What more could anyone ask for more, than favour before great men and a high post to serve, accompanied with all benefits. Self-centredness, pride, sudden self importance, and looking down on those below seem to fill the humility, hard work and productivity that merited us to get the favor and promotion at work in the first place. As it was the case of Haman, he felt he was too big and important that others had to bow to him and bent to his will and power whiffs. When Modercai refused to bent to his demands, He not only hated him, but also the whole Jew people and what they believed in. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture in serving his king and fighting bigger battles that concerned the kingdom as it required of his high rank, he got distracted, and started a personal vendetta against Modorcai and his people. It did not end well for him, with roles and position changing suddenly in favor of Modercai. Whereas Mordecai found favor and uplifting before the king and the kingdom, Haman got hanged in the gallows and his name forever tarnished. All these thanks to distractions, which Haman invited, cultivated, watered until the giant of hatred, anger and mass murder smashed him beyond self consciousness and conviction wall.

eric mugambi
Eric Wambugu, ministering at Royal Family C. Church, Zimmerman. Photo: Caveman+ Media

The christian walk certainly requires discipline, devotion and focus on the ultimate price-eternal life. Doubts, sin and life issues, not forgetting worldly things will only delay your destiny. It would sad to suddenly come to a realization you have been chasing the wrong things when it is too late. Re-routing again would get you back there eventually (or maybe) but at what cost? Lost of position and honor, lose of wealth and time which can never be compensated. We need to set our priorities right and make a choice. In conclusion, something you don’t feed will starve. If you keep on feeding it, it will keep coming back as it grows.

[Sermon by Eric Wambugu, composed and posted by Lewis Wafula]


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