MOTIVATION MONDAY: Hunting to Conquer the Bull Buffalo.

We are born in this world after 9 months in our mothers’ wombs; and as we gasp for air first time, it seems the fight for things just began. Even breathing requires effort, a shift from the different conditions that sustained life in the womb. We are welcomed into working hands of men and women, and even our own mothers as they hold as in joy, exhausted after the painful process of pushing out the infant. By the fact we are conceived in our mother’s wombs and born, is a victory in itself.

Buffalo face.jpg
The fiercesome face of a bull buffalo. Photo: Courtesy.

Every one has a purpose and assignment on earth. The ultimate purpose to pursue seems to be like hunting down and conquering the bull buffalo that leads a 1,000 strong herd. Now this is no mean fete! Even as our parents and loved ones watch us suckle, grow our limbs and hair, learn to walk, take solid food; they have their own battles and hunting they partake daily. Taking care of the young ones, providing for the family and ensuring the well being of everyone in the family set up is a responsibility and that someone has to shoulder. As children grown into men, they fall into the set-up: go out and get their own, and build up others. Growing up in the knowledge you got your own battles to settle is a force enough to make one stand and stand running, and building capacity for the challenge.


hunting games
Even lions know when to flee when the Buffalo charges. Courtesy Photo

The buffaloes are fierce and protective of their young ones, and look after each other as a herd. The bull buffalo is one fearsome beast; and hunters, predators, even lions know this too well. They have large heads, massive bodies and imposing sharp horns on their foreheads. Mature male buffaloes grow to a height of 1.45m, and upto 3.2m in length. They weight up to 625kg. The bull buffaloes love wallowing in mud, and exercise aggressive behavior in the head. They usually lead the head, and have to fight for dominance in the herd. The size of the body, experience in combat matter in battles for dominance amongst the males, and sometimes fight have to ensure to settle scores on which male will mate, lead the heard and enjoy privileges that come with the same.

Sometimes, the big prize in life seems like these bull buffaloes: aggressive, independent, easily angered,confrontational and defensive. As we grow up, our whole lives seem to be shaped towards conquering. Picturing hunting down and conquering the buffalo buff at the head of the herd is enough motivation to stand up and be our better selves. Even lions, respected predators and top of the food chain hunt with a plan, seeking out the weakest from the herd to kill and eat. In the hunt, many lions die in the attempt to kill a buffalo. They certainly do not go for the strongest alpha bull, but pick on calves, the ailing and the old buffaloes.

Imposing bull
How would you conquer this bull, sit on its massive shoulders and ride home?Photo: Courtesy

We need to pursue the best and make the best in our life endeavors. The ultimate goal of conquering the imposing bull buffalo, and bring to control a herd of 1,000 charging buffaloes. It requires skill, precision and perfect timing to seize the opportunity and make the best of the chance while the bull has its guard down. It is like a lifetime master piece, where all the efforts, training, skills for mastery is to be displayed and applied at that moment. Winning the iconic battle means a life time achievement, in the annals of human history. Losing the battle would mean a painful death- gored and tossed in the air several times by an angry herd, stamped into the mud to by sharp hooves of several half tonne beasts. Never trying is worst defeat ever, to haunt you with regret unto your death bed with ‘WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN?’

Focus on your strength and build muscle for the ultimate fight to conquer your bull buffalo. Conquer your biggest fear. They are a few in the human race who have managed to make their conquests, and rode home happily and in jubilation on top of the powerful neck muscles of the imposing beasts, etching their names in the annals of history. Some died in the attempt of trying to become immortals. Most are too afraid event to try, and scatter in all direction at the bay of a buffalo calf, seeking the comforts of eating rats and hunting locusts to roast! Now that is a shame. Would you for that which even lions scatter when come charging, or will you settle for that which is a BIG compromise in life, and you know it damn well?





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