KREATIVE KORNA: Beauty of an African Woman.

The beauty of an African woman;

She could swim gaily in the pool;

She is blessed with crown of beads

She is so simple in her glimpse;

She could sing her mother’s song.

Photo: Ms. Purity Kendi, part time model. (Photo Courtesy)

Mothers of Africa  are sonorous with her attire;

She could nurture the sleek of her attire;

She is so elegant when she walks;

Even if she tottered, her high heels would make her more enchanted.

She speaks elaborately when meditating;

She has sweet smothering skin;

She could coil her body with African aromatic;

Her body continue glistening even

When the sun reaches its fullness.

Her skin could bring the tattoos of African nature;

And sometimes her tribal could succumb the peace.

Her thighs her honey, beauty and so honoured!

She boasts of her green foothills,

Where animals speak lovely lyrics.

She could dance around at night;

Ancient Beauty
A Himba Woman, Botswana.

She could use styles for her head ties;

Who knows how it came to be!

It is another way of beautifying,

Blessed land and beautiful land song.

She could have the pseudonym;

When she wriggles, the house

would remember the play in the moon.

The sun is her concubine,

protruding more prettiness of her skin.

When she is afar home,

She could feel nostalgic,

And the song of African legendary

Would welcome back home.

The beauty of African woman

Is an extra-ordinary belief.

[Composed by Oluwele Olawala Michael, edited and posted by Lewis Wafula]

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