Motivational Monday: To be! Or not to be?

We strive everyday, in our respective endeavours to answer that one question in life: what is our purpose. Few get it right, and run with it. Majority still struggle to fit in, trying many things to find that one thing. That is why. I ask:TO BE! OR NOT TO BE?

Is is not amazing when you encounter a person who has found his purpose. He has mastered his art, he is confident and contented with what he does. He has answers to questions, solutions to problems and has a position for the specific placement. He is looked up-to, and he delivers. He is a marvel to watch; so resourceful, a perfect fit for the situation.

Pepe Minambo puts us in an uncomfortable position in regards to the matter. He stated it as ‘Tragedy of a Compromised Life. ‘ Anyone who went against laws of purpose regret later. Is the genius of fish found in climbing trees of swimming in the waters. Why live a life being judged for climbing trees when you are created, purposed to swim in deep waters? Why live your whole life in a false belief you are stupid?

The five fundamental questions:

  1. What makes you sing? It reveals what brings you joy.
  2. What makes you cry? What touches your heart is revealed.
  3. What makes you dream? It shows what ignites your imaginations.
  4. What makes you excel? Your strength is revealed and manifested.
  5. What makes you different? This reveals your uniqueness.

To be or not to be? I choose today To Be! To turn the question marks (?) into exclamation marks(!). I choose to be celebrated and not tolerated and made dispensable. I choose not the mediocre path of life, where compromises reign in the day. Pepe sums it up well, interjecting that:’Nothing is as frustrating in life as seeing a high profile individual living a lost cost life.’

Barack Obama, the former US President used a phrase ‘Yes We Can’ to capture the most powerful seat on land and swept not only USA but swept the rest of the world off our feet. Boy, he delivered, despite the thousand and one hindrances and challenges HR faced. I still study his mindset and unique leadership he portrayed. Not only a good orator, but also an intelligent human being who balanced power and empathy, family and people in nations, religion and reason. All wrapped up, I would say Obama epitomises how to turn ? into !

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