KREATIVE KORNA: Another Sundown

Perfect sunset.jpg
Iluustration: Courtesy

Alone in solitude,

Atop this hill of life’s reflections I sit

To reminisce, fascinated at the great transition of

A bright day to dusk and dark night;

A sundown I call it.

The sun harsh radiance softens,

Its heat a soft caressing touch to the tender naked skin.

The world, to the furthest horizons is colored a glowy golden;

The clouds but a taste,

of heavenly paradise.


Descendants of Adam,

Worn out after the day’s hard labour

Wrap up their tools of livelihood

and head homeward to seek a much needed rest.

Birds of the air,,

so wild and carefree;

fly back to their waiting nests and nestlingss,

weary, but so full and cheerful of a day well spent.


It was written:

‘In the beginning, the earth was formless and desolate.

Everything was covered in darkness.

God commanded: Let there be light

He separated Light from Darkness…’

After the sundown, night will come

When total darkness will engulf the whole world below.


I shudder to think of it,

I day just about

When the sun will neither rise nor set.

That Day of Judgement;

When good deeds of the righteous will be richly rewarded in eternity

but the bad, blasphemous souls will forever be condemned in damnation.

The day draws near and nearer,

Each Sundown like the Minute’s hand on Big Ben’s countdown.

Soon, at the Zenith hour

The sun will set,

and never again will we witness another sunrise.


From my parched top,

A soft steady cold breeze blows over,

swaying the grass and brush,

chilling me to bone, and awakening me from my stupor.

Oh! I have a challenging descent down…

Not so far away,

a wild dog mournfully howls,

A family of hyenas burst in a murderous chatter

A hungry lion’s roar rumbles and reverberates through the valley.

An infuriated Black Mamba slithers past my foothold,

As it follows its twisty, deathly path…

Everything around me

seem so suddenly strange



Indeed a sombre sundown.

My heart sinks in the sickening bog of sadness

And hopelessness and brokenness tightly embrace me.


Then, almost as a whisper it comes to me

So softly, quietly…

Almost inaudible but to a cocked discerning ear.

Slowly, I pick it up….

Aha! The Psalms of David!

Like the rays of light in a hopeless night

The life renewing words of the song rejuvenate my sinking soul

Give me hope and new strength.

Loudly as a man after his only dearest thing, I proclaim:

‘The Lord is my shepherd

I shall not be in want

He makes me lie doen ion green pastures

He leads me beside quiet waters

He restores my soul

…Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil;

For you are with me: Your shepherd rod and staff

They comfort me!

…Surely goodness and love with follow me

all days of my life…!’


God, guide me through the twisty paths of life

Through the waves and afflictions of the day

That I may see another sundown

And be finally home, warmed and wrapped in warmth

Not condemned in sickening damnation.



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